VITA / PS TV vitaQuakeIII (Quake 3 Arena / Team Arena) v0.8

A Quake 3: Arena + Quake 3: Team Arena port for PSVITA

  1. vitaQuakeIII v.0.8

    You need to update data files too in order to get advantage of all the changes listed below.

    - Updated to latest vitaGL commit.
    - Increased available memory of the engine.
    - Fixed crashes in OpenArena with certain maps at loading screen.
    - Fixed a bug in OpenArena causing the game to crash when leaving a match.
    - Implemented map downloader for all cores (q3a, q3ta, oa)
    - Fixed a bug causing...
  2. vitaQuakeIII v.0.7

    This update (after a year from the previous one) improves performances as well as adds OpenArena support and MSAA support. It's now HIGHLY SUGGESTED to set the game at 480x272 resolution since with MSAA 4x, differences between native res and 480x272 res are minimal while framerate improvements are gigantic.

    - Updated to latest ioquake3 source.
    - Updated to latest vitaGL source.
    - Added MSAA 4x support (always active).
    - Improved performances and resource consumption of the...
  3. VitaQuakeIII v0.60

    - Added touchscreen support for camera/cursor movement
    - Added online and local multiplayer support
    - Fixed a bug causing textures to not being rendered in some maps (eg. Q3TOURNEY1)
    - Fixed a bug preventing Quake III Arena logo and character model to be rendered in game menus
    - Optimized a bit renderer code, now game should run with better framerate