VITA / PS TV VitaShell Theme Manager v1.0

A Theme Manager for VitaShell

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    • What is VitaShell Theme Manager?
      VitaShell Theme Manager is a simple and userfriendly gui to apply themes for the flow's VitaShell.(versions 0.85 and above)​

      • Developer: Ruben_Wolfe
      • Release Type: Utility (.vpk)
      • Compatible: Vita & PlayStation TV (Vita TV)
      • For use with: VitaShell

    • How do I use it?
      Just put your VitaShell (not livearea ones) themes over at ux0:VitaShell/theme/ on your vita, then open VitaShell Theme Manager and press x to apply the desired theme.

      Q: the brew crashes every time I start it!
      A: this means that one of your themes is corrupted; most likely preview.jpg is the cause.

      Q: why doesnt it show a preview for my theme?
      A:preview image must be a .jpg file which sizes are 960X544 named preview.jpg or preview1.jpg

      To make a preview.jpg directly from your PSVita, all you need to do is press PS button + Start and it will output a screenshot at ux0:/picture/SCREENSHOT/<a_folder>/<date_time>.jpg

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