VITA / PS TV VitaShell v1.81

VitaShell is a file manager, package installer, built-in FTP and much more.

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    • VitaShell
      VitaShell is an alternative replacement of the PS Vita's (& PSTV) LiveArea. It offers you a file manager, package installer, built-in FTP and much more. This homebrew was an entry of the Revitalize PS Vita homebrew competition and won the first prize. HENkaku's molecularShell is also based on VitaShell.

      How to use an USB flash drive as Memory Card on a PS TV
      • Format your USB flash drive as exFAT or FAT32.
      • Launch VitaShell and press /\ in the 'home' section.
      • Select 'Mount uma0:' and attach your USB flash drive. You can now copy stuff from/to your USB stick.
      • Once 'uma0:' is listed under the partitions, press /\ again and choose 'Mount USB ux0:'. This will copy important apps like VitaShell, molecularShell, and other files.
      • Your USB flash drive is now acting as a Memory Card.
      • To sync all your apps on your USB flash drive, press /\ and choose 'Refresh livearea'. This will NOT refresh PSP games.
      • If you wish to revert the patch, press /\ and select 'Umount USB ux0:'.
      • Note that this patch is only temporary and you need to redo the procedure everytime you launch your PS TV.

    • Customization of VitaShell

      You can customize those files:
      • colors.txt: All colors adjustable
      • archive_icon.png: Archive icon
      • audio_icon.png: Audio icon
      • battery.png: Battery border icon
      • battery_bar_charge.png: Charging battery bar
      • battery_bar_green.png: Green battery bar
      • battery_bar_red.png: Red battery bar
      • bg_audioplayer.png: Background for audio player
      • bg_browser.png: Background for file browser
      • bg_hexeditor.png: Background for hex editor
      • bg_photoviewer.png: Background for photo viewer
      • bg_texteditor.png: Background for text editor
      • context.png: Context menu image (Can be any size. Suggestion: It will look great if you add alpha channel to your image).
      • context_more.png: Context menu more image (Can be any size. Suggestion: It will look great if you add alpha channel to your image).
      • cover.png: Default album cover
      • dialog.png: Dialog menu image (Can be any size. This image file will be stretched by VitaShell to fit the dialog box. Suggestion: Don't use motives, as it will not look good with wrong proportion).
      • fastforward.png: Fastforward icon
      • fastrewind.png: Fastrewind icon
      • file_icon.png: File icon
      • folder_icon.png: Folder icon
      • ftp.png: Ftp icon
      • image_icon.png: Image icon
      • pause.png: Pause icon
      • play.png: Play icon
      • settings.png: Background for settings
      • sfo_icon.png: SFO icon
      • text_icon.png: Text icon
      • wallpaper.png: Wallpaper
      Theme setting: VitaShell will load the theme that is set in
      General info: You don't need to have all these files in your custom theme, if one of them is missing, the default image file will be loaded instead.

      Dialog and context image:
      If these files are not available, the colors DIALOG_BG_COLOR and CONTEXT_MENU_COLOR from 'colors.txt' will be used instead.

      The standard VitaShell theme is provided in 'VitaShellCustomization.rar' and available in the 'release' section.

    • Multi-language
      Put your language file at 'ux0:VitaShell/language/x.txt', where the file must be UTF-8 encoded and 'x' is one of the language listed below:
      • japanese
      • english_us
      • french
      • spanish
      • german
      • italian
      • dutch
      • portuguese
      • russian
      • korean
      • chinese_t
      • chinese_s
      • finnish
      • swedish
      • danish
      • norwegian
      • polish
      • portuguese_br
      • turkish
      VitaShell does automatically load the language that matches to the current system language. If your system language is for example french, it will load from 'ux0:VitaShell/language/french.txt'.

      The English language file is provided in 'VitaShellCustomization.rar' and available in the 'release' section.

    VitaShell themes and translations collection
    This is an unofficial VitaShell themes and translations collection: Be sure you pull request your customized design or language file there.
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