VITA / PS TV VitaShell v1.81

VitaShell is a file manager, package installer, built-in FTP and much more.

  1. VitaShell v1.81

    Changelog 1.81

    • Added adhoc file transfer feature.
    • Fixed bug where it didn't count files and folders in archives correctly.
    • Improved controls code.
  2. VitaShell v1.79

    Changelog 1.79

    • Added ability to open .psarc files.
    • Added support for multi volume rar archives.
    • Added support for password encrypted zip archives.
    • Added support for file property in archives, now it can show size and contains.
    • Added natural sorting for filenames.
    • Fixed bug where size of files in archives over 2GB where shown as 16EB.
    • Fixed refresh license DB when ran from ur0:.
  3. VitaShell v1.80

    Changelog 1.8

    • Aligned memory to 64bit for optimal I/O.
    • Fixed crash when using FTP.
  4. VitaShell v1.78

    Changelog 1.78

    • Fixed bug where archives > 2GB couldn't be opened.
  5. VitaShell v1.77

    Changelog 1.77

    • Added archive support for .7z, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2 and more by using libarchive.
    • Improved archive file system (opening archives should now be much faster).
    • Fixed keyboard freeze after using it multiple times.
    • Fixed file browser cursor correction.
    • Fixed Electron theme visual glitch and added new settings look (thanks to Acemad).
  6. VitaShell v1.76

    Changelog 1.76
    • Added DLC refresh + restore license from Sqlite DB by VitaSmith.
    • Added license database refresh by VitaSmith.
    • Fixed C2-12828-1 error.
  7. VitaShell v1.75

    Changelog 1.75

    • Fixed bug where Memory Card was umounted after closing USB (fixed 'The file is corrupt' error).
    • Fixed QR download of URLs that link to files.
  8. VitaShell 1.74

    Changelog 1.74

    • Fixed QR download and C2-13696-5 error.
  9. VitaShell 1.73

    Changelog 1.73

    • Fixed crash when you pressed triangle in the home menu.
  10. VitaShell v1.72

    Changelog 1.72

    • Fixed pfs mounting bug where you could not export files from specific folders.
    • Fixed bug where files from https could not be downloaded using QR code.
    • Fixed bug with pvsd usb device mounting where microSD could not be found.