VITA / PS TV VitaTester v1.2 (Henkaku Edition)

A homebrew utility by SMOKE for testing the Vita buttons. (HENkaku)

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    • VitaTester
      A simple homebrew for testing the input data on the PSVita

      Extra Credits

    • VitaTester v1.2

      • compile for henkaku
      VitaTester v1.1.1
      Changes since VitaTester v1.1.1
      • Basic logging
      • Touch is now displayed on top of other button presses
      • Updated rear touch maths. Currently, it displays the same size as the rear touchpad (shorter in height, same width)
      • Analog sticks display a little better and move more than they did before
      • It now cleans up everything when the exit combo is pressed
      • Shrunk the homebrew a bit by compressing the splash screen and background images
      VitaTester v1.1
      Changes since last release:
      • Complete redesign /rename
      • Added proper analog measurement
      • Added front and rear touch panel detection

      VitaButtonTester v1.0.2
      Changes since VitaButtonTester v1.0.1
      • Added left and right analog support
      • Entered into the Revitalize homebrew competition

      VitaButtonTester v1.0.1

      Changes since VitaKeyTester v1.0
      • Renamed project to VitaButtonTester since it has nothing to do with Vita private keys
      • Fixed exit combo
      • Updated coordinates of text on screen

      VitaKeyTester v1.0
      • Someone had contacted me a week or two ago asking if there was any key tester homebrew for the Vita yet. Unfortunately, I don't remember who this was, but I did find the time to create it for him.
      • So, to that person, here you go. Press keys one at a time and it should display in the middle of the screen which key it detected ( if any ) I may add analog stick testing to this later at some point.

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    VitaTester is created by: SMOKE