VITA / PS TV VitaToolBox v1.1

A fork of VitaShell by BenMitnicK

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    VitaToolBox is based on VitaShell 1.51 with additional options

    • VitaToolBox
      This Vita / PlayStation TV homebrew works independently of VitaShell and you will always need this one for the operation of Molecularshell. for the themes you can make yours for VitatoolBox and it will work with VitaShell you will have nothing to change :)

      Added features in V1.0 (first release)
      • Added the pic0 to the launch of the application
      • Added background image random "20 max" :)
      • Added language selection in options
      • Added of the selection of themes in the options (activate in the next version)
      • Added DataBaseMenu (right joystick => Left to activate the menu)
      • Added PluginsManager (Right joystick => Top to activate the menu) * The panel has been removed
      • Added automatic plugin organization Enable/Disable
      • Added the language of the different menu and options in the language file
      • Added color options for different menus
      • Added credit (activate with triangle in the HOME Directory)

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