VITA / PS TV vitaWolfen v1.5

A port of the classic Wolfenstein 3d to VITA / PSTV (HENkaku)

  1. vitaWolfen v1.5

    v.1.5 released, bringing tons of new features and bugfixes!

    - Moved to vitaGL for rendering.
    - Moved from Wolf3D-PSP to Wolf4SDL base code.
    - Fixed a lot of bugs causing random crashes, graphical glitches, game freezes
    - Fixed fade-in/fade-out effects. Now they work as intended.
    - Fixed main menu voices not being usable/freezing the game
    - Fixed boot menu animation, now it works as intended.
    - Reworked the launcher with ImGui for a cool-looking experience.
    - Added an ImGui menubar with several features in-game.
    - Added Cheats menu with several cheats to use during game.
    - Added an fps counter.
    - Added shaders support.
    - Added vFlux support.
    - Added Bilinear filtering support.
    - Added runtime rescaler with customizable resolution settings.
    - Added possibility to change in game UI appearence in the main menu.
    - Fixed swap weapon key. Now it doesn't bug anymore keeping switching weapon constantly.
    - Added support for Spear of Destiny missionpacks (Return to Danger and Ultimate Callenge).
    - Added possibility to launch another core without having to close and reopen the launcher.
    - Fixed audio code. Now it doesn't have strange glitchy effects with some sounds.
    - Improved framerate. Now game runs at solid 60 FPS.


    - ocornut for dear ImGui
    - rsn8887 for fixing shader for vitaGL usage
    - All my patroners for their awesome support:
    • Billy McLaughlin II
    • Styde Pregny
    • XandridFire
    • AnOtHeROnE
    • Count Duckula
    • Jorge Laurencena
    • Jaden Emrich
    • polytoad
    • Defkyle
    • John Wanot
    • Ramerson Wesley Araújo
    • rsn8887
    • Samuel Batista
    • Andyways
    • gnuffy
    • Colan Wiser
    • Elwood Blues
    • Justin
    • Angel Villagómez
    • gnmmarechal
    • Pirloui
    • Santiago Quiroga
    • Lars Zondervan
    • Daniel Crane
    • Yakara Network
    • Gelson Silva
    • Bryan Hanbury
    • 2Mourty
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