VITA / PS TV vitaWolfen v1.5

A port of the classic Wolfenstein 3d to VITA / PSTV (HENkaku)

  1. vitaWolfen v1.5

    v.1.5 released, bringing tons of new features and bugfixes!

    - Moved to vitaGL for rendering.
    - Moved from Wolf3D-PSP to Wolf4SDL base code.
    - Fixed a lot of bugs causing random crashes, graphical glitches, game freezes
    - Fixed fade-in/fade-out effects. Now they work as intended.
    - Fixed main menu voices not being usable/freezing the game
    - Fixed boot menu animation, now it works as intended.
    - Reworked the...
  2. VitaWolfen v1.0

    VitaWolfen v1.0 Changelog
    • Added audio support for both musics and sounds.
    • Increased analogs deadzone.
    • Made analogs less reactive.
    • Added a launcher at vitaWolfen startup. It means no more 4 vpks.
    • Replaced 3DS buttons references with PSVITA ones in some game strings.