VITA / PS TV VPKInstall a fork of VPKMirror 1.0

Allows users to install VPK files directly with only the Vita

  1. atreyu187
    Seems the app VPK Mirror has a new fork of SMOKE's work. Developer HaiHakkulku has released a fork of the app allowing you to install any VPK directly without the need of a PC using the uri calls of the Vita. He looks to carry on SMOKE & haxxey's original application after he left the scene abruptly. Here is the readme from what I am sure will be an application on everyone's Vita/PSTV as it will remove the need for a PC or smartphone to grab new apps and install them. Great to see this as the original app which this was branched off hasn't seen an update in ages. This will eliminate the need for updates.

    VPKInstall a fork of VPKMirror

    A homebrew created by SMOKE5 for haxxey and haxxey's website

    Extra Credits:

      • TheFlow for his package installation code
      • haxxey for the images used in this homebrew and of course the website itself
      • ACViper for his wonderful job on the live area designs
    Special thanks to the testers:

      • Cfw_Hyppe
      • corbinraymond
      • Dutt
    For this branch only:
    For using any url with this branch:
    use uri vdi to call with "intsall?" and then the path to the vpk eg "vdi:install?" keep in mind it auto adds "http://" so dont add it in the uri call