PS1 Wartris++ Beta 190819

Wartris++ is an improved version of the original version with new features.

  1. seizu

    • General information about Wartris can be found here

      What's new:

      Three Random Generators
      Number of Levels
      Adjustable DAS
      22 Lines Playfield
      CCW Rotation
      New Warmode Tools
      Tetris 89 (NES) Gameplay

      We are currently working on an AI for War, Score and Battle mode which will be available in the next release.

      Have fun!

    • Recommended emulator: pSX v1.3 (psxfin)
      Resolution: 1280 x 720 / 4:3 / 60Hz (NTSC)
      BIOS: SCPH1001.bin
      DS3 Joypad support: Better DS3 with Motioninjoy drivers
      DS4 Joypad support: ScpToolkit


    1. wartris++.png
    2. WARTRIS++_a.png
    3. WARTRIS++_b.png