PS3 WebMAN LaunchPad (webMAN MOD Add-On -Unofficial) v0.18

This XMB Mod adds an alternative GUI for selecting your "webMAN Games" from the XMB

  1. DeViL303

    • WebMAN Launchpad
      Launchpad is a different GUI for mounting/unmounting your webMAN games and accessing webMAN Setup, It uses a modified version of the "Whats New" XMB item from the PSN category, you know the one with the annoying adverts, Well when you install this you will lose that "Feature" from your PSN category, But you will gain an even better one in your Game category. ;)


      The Installer (Originally made by Andreus for XMBM+ - Thanks) has had a makeover, It still has the exact same functions because the eboot hasn't been touched, but the background and icons have been updated courtesy of @Berion, Great job as always. ;)

      Make sure to use the correct version for your firmware:

      v0.16 supports:
      • Darknet 4.81 v1.00 Cobra v7.30
      • Ferrox 4.81 v1.00 Cobra v7.30
      • Overdrive 4.81 v4 Cobra 7.30
      • Playerpk420 4.81 v1.00 Cobra
      • Rebug 4.80.1 Cobra 7.30
      • Spy 4.81 v1.00 Cobra (Polish version NOT supported)
      v0.18 supports:
      • Rebug 4.81.1 Cobra 7.31 and Rebug 4.81.2 Cobra 7.50


      Three functions are always visible at the top, Unmount, Setup and Refresh.

      * I Do not think I will be adding support for any more FWs except the new Rebug when ever it comes out (I will support updates to the current ones), this is now 196 files in 95 folders spread over the 6 CFWs, its a lot to keep track of for one person, every FW is using different category xmls, rcos, stage2bins, sprx files, paths etc..

      Big Thanks to @aldostools, @Berion and @0_obeWAN , @Phil and all the rest for all the help.

      Internet connection and a PSN account is required for the Whats New item to work.

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