PS3 WebMAN LaunchPad (webMAN MOD Add-On -Unofficial) v0.18

This XMB Mod adds an alternative GUI for selecting your "webMAN Games" from the XMB

  1. webMAN LaunchPad v0.18

    • Support added for Rebug 4.81.2
    This version now supports Rebug 4.81.1 and Rebug 4.81.2 (choose the correct version for your firmware)
  2. webMAN LaunchPad v0.17

    WebMAN Launchpad v0.17
    • This version is for Rebug 4.81.1 ONLY.
    • If you are on other 4.81 CFW or Rebug 4.80.1 you should continue to use v0.16, there is no difference except Rebug 4.81 support in this release.
    • Note: If you are on 4.81 CEX CFW and you want to use this up to date version of webMAN MOD for Launchpad xml generation you will need to create an empty "rebug" folder on dev_flash. Then this version of webMAN mod will generate the xml for Launchpad. The reason for...
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  3. webMAN LaunchPad v0.16

    WebMAN Launchpad v0.16

    An update for this webMAN Mod addon: If you don't know what Launchpad is its a different GUI for mounting/unmounting your webMAN games and accessing webMAN Setup, It uses a modified version of the "Whats New" XMB item, So when you install this you will lose that "Feature", But you will gain an even better one. ;)

  4. WebMAN Launchpad v0.15

    WebMAN Launchpad v0.15
    • Support added for Playerpk420's 4.81 v1.00 Cobra CFW. So this v0.15 installer now supports Rebug 4.80.1 REX , Ferrox 4.81 v1.00 Cobra, and Playerpk420's 4.81 v1.00 Cobra.
    • If installed on Playerpk420's 4.81 Cobra CFW it will fix the missing icons on the in-game XMB.(See cfw settings)
    • If you ONLY use the option to uninstall on Playerpk420's 4.81 Cobra CFW it will fix the missing icons too.
    • If...
  5. WebMAN Launchpad v0.14

  6. webMAN LaunchPAD v0.13

    • Added Berions v4 icons for the 3 default functions available on install.
    • Removed red "timeout" loading squares via rco edit.
    • Removed "new" icon on place holder via rco edit.
    • Changed background to the darker ones (from aldos post).
  7. WebMAN Launchpad v0.12

    v0.12 (Rebug 4.80 Only)

    Small Changes v0.12:
    • Changed message that appears when mounting a game or using a function to "Performing requested action..Please Wait.."
    • Removed XMBPD from the installer as that is now separate.
    • Changed XMB items title to "WebMAN Launchpad" for all languages.
    • Added the wm_launchpad.xml in the same format as the one that WMM creates, just 3 functions at the top and local icons.
    • Added local icons to...
  8. webMAN LaunchPad v0.11

    Rebug 4.80 ONLY

    NOTE: make sure Cobra and CFW Settings are enabled via Rebug Toolbox while installing OR uninstalling this. You can disable them after using the installer if you wish. And once again, this is firmware specific and made for Rebug 4.80 ONLY.

    v0.11 changes:
    • Made for Rebug 4.80 ONLY
    • The xml that holds the paths to the games is now located at dev_hdd0/tmp/wm_launchpad.xml
    • This installer...