PS3 webMAN MOD v1.47.25.9 (4.85 Support)

A fork of deank's original webMAN with many additional features making it a true AIO plugin

  1. webMAN MOD 1.47.16

    ⭐️ Fixed freeze after exit from multiMAN (restore wm_proxy unmaped my mM)
    ⭐️ Fixed option that disables SND0.AT3 (now works for installed games too)
    ⭐️ Added recursive file search from web interface
    ⭐️ Added display of graphic free space of devices to sMAN GUI
    • Added option "Uninstall webMAN MOD" to webMAN Setup
    • Added Coverflow and PS3MAPI to sMAN GUI
    • Refresh My Games now reloads XMB if Reload XMB app is installed (requires it shown in Network column)
      • Added combo SELECT+L3+R1+L1 for Refresh XML+Reload XMB
      • Added web command /reloadxmb.ps3
      • Changed web command /refresh_ps3 to also reload XMB if Reload XMB app is installed
    • Updater scrolling message now uses font icons for X and L1
    • Updater now copies the PS2CONFIG files to /games folder
    • Updater now installs nonCobra version in /boot_plugins_nocobra.txt and /boot_plugins_nocobra_dex.txt
    • Uninstall now removes boot_plugins_nocobra.txt (and dex)
    • nonCobra edition now uses its own XML (jbgames.xml) to avoid XMB freeze when Cobra is disabled
    • Added support for both Jjkkyu PSP Launchers (Mini & PSP Remasters)
    • Added auto-play for PSPISO (requires Show PSP Launcher)
    • Added support for PIC1.PNG and custom MINIS.EDAT and MINIS2.EDAT mounting PSPISO
      • PIC1.PNG is copied from the ISO
      • Name the custom EDAT as *.ISO.MINIS.EDAT and *.ISO.MINIS2.EDAT
    • Now custom devices can be mounted/unmounted. /dev_hdd1 can be accessed directly
    • Fixed url for PSX-PLACE forums
    NON-COBRA USERS: When auto-play is enabled in nonCobra edition, a physical Bluray disc must be inserted to show the BD icon after mount a game and to avoid automation errors caused by the missing icon.

    If you like webMAN MOD, then feel free to contribute with a small donation, I'd really appreciate it!
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