PS3 webMAN MOD v1.47.25.9 (4.85 Support)

A fork of deank's original webMAN with many additional features making it a true AIO plugin

  1. webMAN MOD 1.47.20

    ⭐️ Added support for PS3HEN 2.0 and PS3HEN 2.0.2
    ⭐️ Fixed error accessing PSN with PS3HEN 2.0 (caused by patch that prevents FW update on CFW) Thx @Joonie86
    • Added support for integrated fan control in my forks of Mamba 8.2 / PS3HEN 2.0.x
    • Updated addon boot_mamba.pkg with MAMBA 8.2 (Do not use MAMBA with PS3HEN!)
      ⚠️ NOTE: boot_mamba.pkg is for use only on Rebug 4.84.2 with Cobra disabled.
    Among the features of Mamba 8.2 are: Dynamic Fan Control when webMAN is unloaded, Restore of CFW syscalls without Reboot, PhotoGUI integration, module patches for 4.84 CEX by Joonie, new opcodes for devs and on-the-fly reActPSN by habib.

    If you like webMAN MOD, then feel free to contribute with a *small donation*, I'd really appreciate it!
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