PS3 webMAN MOD 4.84

A fork of deank's original webMAN with many additional features making it a true AIO plugin

  1. webMAN MOD (4.84)

    • Based on version 1.47.09 w/ 4.84 CEX CFW Support added
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  2. webMAN MOD 1.47.09

    • Reduced refresh rate of /cpursx.ps3 from 10 to 6 times per min
    • PSID/IDPS now need a click to show in /cpursx.ps3 & /setup.ps3
    • Fan mode changes when a PS2 disc is inserted (for b/c consoles)
    • Moved option sMAN GUI in /setup.ps3
    • Fixed persistence of rec video/audio format in /setup.ps3
    • Improved auto-play after mount
    • Added support for /play.ps3<path>
    • Updated PL files & sysfiles.png (thanks to DEX357)
    • Added support for more cores to PKG/ROM launcher
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  3. webMAN MOD 1.47.08

    • Added support for 4.82 DEX
    • Added display of plugin version to /cpursx.ps3 (for sMAN GUI)
    • Fixed error mounting /net games with combos SELECT+L1/R1
    • Added entries for HAN toolbox to category_game.xml [manual install]
    • Updater now installs full edition without L1 (if full was installed)
      Hold R1 to reinstall standard edition over full edition.
    • ROM/PKG Launcher: Added support for new cores of RetroArch 1.7.3
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  4. webMAN MOD 1.47.07

    • Fix: PIC1/ICON1.PAM on XMB are shown again after mount.
      (idle_plugin is used again as proxy instead of eula_cddb_plugin)
    • Fix: autoplay was always enabled.
    • sMAN GUI: Small change in color contrast of blue buttons
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  5. webMAN MOD 1.47.06

    • Added support for 4.82 CEX
    • Fixed issue launching PS2 ISO on BC/SEMIBC caused by auto-play (thanks to Joonie & Alexander)
    • Virtual PAD is turned off when a game is mounted to prevent ghost controller
    • SND0.AT3 is now muted only on XMB (if the option is selected)
  6. webMAN MOD 1.47.05

    • New "sMAN GUI" theme for HTML interface ;)
    • Improved HTTP performance reusing socket connection (thanks to DeanK)
    • Improved performance of game listing in HTML (using sLaunch cache when available)
    • Tweaked auto-play wait time (should be faster)
    • Prevent launch last played game on boot if Disc Auto-Start is On
    • Internal prepNTFS: Re-added copy of external picture to hdd0
    • SELECT+R3+L2+R2 starts video_rec plugin & unloads webMAN
    • Changed MEM link in /cpursx.ps3 to...
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  7. webMAN MOD 1.47.04

    • NTFS files now are shown with the proper file date (thanks to @freddy38510)
    • NTFS & NETISO games now are mounted with external plugins [Thanks to @deank]
      • This fixes the freeze of the console when a 2nd PSXISO was mounted & played from ps3netsrv
      • The plugins raw_iso.sprx & netiso.sprx now are located in /dev_hdd0/tmp/wm_res
        * Reduced in approx. 10KB the footprint of webftp_server.sprx...
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  8. webMAN MOD 1.47.03

    • Reduced the number of editions to only 4:
      • Cobra
      • Full Edition
      • Lite
      • non-Cobra
    • VSH Menu & sLaunch MOD now are loaded dynamically (shortcuts are available in /setup.ps3)
      • Remove these plugins from /boot_plugins.txt to gain up to 800KB of free memory
    • /setup.ps3 now looks more clean
    • Added option to start slaunch & vsh_menu using web commands:
      • /browser.ps3$slaunch
      • /browser.ps3$vsh_menu
    • Added 4 level of info on...
  9. webMAN MOD 1.46.01

    • FTP Server uses again the same algorithm on all editions.
      In 1.46.00, the FTP Server in full edition was based on the original webMAN due initial issues with NTFS library. The issue now has been fixed
  10. webMAN MOD 1.46.00

    • Games now are mounted directly from XMB without the webbrowser_plugin
    Thanks to deank for the new XMB proxy included in webMAN 1.46
    • Re-structured the project : Moved all the sub-projects to _ Projects _ folder