PS3 webMAN MOD v1.47.25.9 (4.85 Support)

A fork of deank's original webMAN with many additional features making it a true AIO plugin

  1. webMAN MOD 1.47.25

    ⭐️ Added icons to common file types in File Manager
    ⭐️ Home URL setting now can set default /app_home/PS3_GAME icon on start up
    ⭐️ Added support for external wm_custom.xml in webMAN's game list on XMB
    ⭐️ PS2 Classics: Added support for PIC1/PIC2 and SCEVMC0.VME per game
    ⭐️ .BIN.ENC extensions now are case insensitive
    ⭐️ Added 3 missing EBOOT keys (0x5D) to psp_extra_keys array (tags 07, 18, 27)
    Restored support for VSH Menu & sLaunch for Russian language (issues...
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  2. webMAN MOD 1.47.24

    • Added option to select VSH memory container [MC] by id [4 - bg is recommended]
    • Added combo R2+START to launch /app_game/PS3_GAME/
    • Use home url in /setup.ps3 to config a default app to launch with R2+START
    • sMAN GUI now has access to home url if enabled in /setup.ps3
    • Added detection of last number in name/title to sort games (XML/HTML)
    • Added 3 new web commands: /idps.ps3, /psid.ps3, /consoleid.ps3
    • Fixed L2+START and L2+R2 (left disabled by mistake during a test)...
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  3. webMAN MOD 1.47.23

    Fix blackscreen on homebrews launched during content scanning (MC disabled by default)
    Fixed keys used in EBOOT of PKG/ROM Launcher that caused error 80010009
    ⭐️ Added new dynamic fan control algorithm
    ⭐️ Speed up file manager load of root after first load
    ⭐️ Improved perfomance of rendering html forms
    • Errors now are more descriptive
    • Updated PS3HEN detection in installer/updater
    • Added support for PSXISO with sector size 2368 to Mamba 8.2
    • Added proper PSXISO sector size...
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  4. webMAN MOD 1.47.22

    ⭐️ Added support for subfolders in XMB section for ROMS (feature requested in 2017 by LuanTeles #103)
    ⭐️ The numbers of roms supported per subfolder has increased significatly
    ⭐️ sMAN GUI buttons now are localized
    ⚠️ Limited explicit support to 4.82-4.84 (previous FW versions are still supported by heuristic functions)
    Fixed HTML site resize bug reported by @DEX357...
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  5. webMAN MOD 1.47.21

    ⭐️ Improved support for PS3HEN
    . Reduced wait time on startup when notifcation message is enabled
    ⭐️ Added support for auto-config of PS2 Classics using encrypted CONFIG files
    . The TITLE ID of the PS2 game must be included in the file name of the .BIN.ENC (encrypted PS2ISO).
    . ENC files provided by @Joonie86
    ⭐️ Speedup improvement generating XML and HTML for scanned content
    ⭐️ Added CORS headers to HTTP response (suggested by...
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  6. webMAN MOD 1.47.20

    ⭐️ Added support for PS3HEN 2.0 and PS3HEN 2.0.2
    ⭐️ Fixed error accessing PSN with PS3HEN 2.0 (caused by patch that prevents FW update on CFW) Thx @Joonie86
    • Added support for integrated fan control in my forks of Mamba...
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  7. webMAN MOD v1.47.18

    - Added support to PhotoGUI grid concept of DeViL303
    - Fixed regression in NETISO support
    - Removed address restrictions in /peek.lv1 /poke.lv1 /peek.lv2 /poke.lv2
    - Fixed URL decoding when only spaces are encoded
    - Reduced delay in FTP server from 100ms to 50ms
    - Fixed some permissions in NoSND0.AT3
    - Removed 'Cobra 0.00' when Cobra plugin is used on nonCobra mode.
    - Fixed relative paths used when NETISO are mounted
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  8. webMAN MOD 1.47.17

    ⭐️ Added display of temperature on all pages of sMAN GUI
    ⭐️ Added option to list NPDRM games (/dev_hdd0/game) in XML / HTML catalogs
    ⭐️ Added option to launch NPDRM games using /play.ps3?<TITLEID> or /mount.ps3/dev_hdd0/game/<TITLEID>
    (This option requires to have "/app_home/PS3_GAME" enabled in game column)
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  9. webMAN MOD 1.47.16

    ⭐️ Fixed freeze after exit from multiMAN (restore wm_proxy unmaped my mM)
    ⭐️ Fixed option that disables SND0.AT3 (now works for installed games too)
    ⭐️ Added recursive file search from web interface
    ⭐️ Added display of graphic free space of devices to sMAN GUI
    • Added option "Uninstall webMAN MOD" to webMAN Setup
    • Added Coverflow and PS3MAPI to sMAN GUI
    • Refresh My Games now reloads XMB if Reload XMB app is installed (requires it shown in Network column)
      • Added combo...
  10. webMAN MOD 1.47.14

    • Added option to /setup.ps3 to disable the beeps on reboot/shutdown/disable syscalls/pkg install/play disc
    • Ftp server now writes to /dev_blind in safe mode
      • Files uploaded to /dev_blind are uploaded with a different name if the file already exists.
      • The file then is replaced only if the upload was successful.
      • Upload to /dev_blind now sets permissions to 0644 instead of 0777
      • Now ftp shows a descriptive error if the device is full.
    • Added support...