PS3 Whats New on PSX-Place (PS3 XMB Mod) 1.00

Brings a PSX-Place news feed straight to your XMB

  1. DeViL303
    This XMB mod for Rebug 4.81 brings a PSX-Place news feed to your XMB, it shows the latest 30 items, and at the bottom there is 3 extra links to some handy scene sites.


    Massive thanks to No0bZiLLa for all the help with this, it wouldn't have been possible without him, and Thanks to STLcardsWS for giving us permission. :applouse:

    • 30 links to the latest new items at PSX-Place
    • Link to PSX-Place Homepage
    • Link to Brewology Homepage
    • Link to PlaystationHax Homepage
    • Server info is updated every 15 minutes if there is a new story out, to see it updated on your XMB you need to press triangle on the item and clear cache. If you have webman Mod installed the cache will clear automatically at boot time.
    • Posts from the last 7 days get a "New" logo.
    • Only for Rebug 4.81 at this time.
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