VITA / PS TV Wiiero v1.2

Wiiero is a clone of Liero. Liero is a PvP game between two wo worms armed with heavy weapons of all

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    • Wiiero-vita

      This game is multiplayer only, it requires 2 controllers to play, so it will only work on a PS TV or Vita3K (vita emulator).

      Wiiero is a clone of Liero specially originally developed for Wii. Liero is a PvP game between two worms armed with heavy weapons of all kinds battling in underground caves. Wiiero is composed of 3 game modes: Deathmatch, Capture the flag and game of tag. In the wiiero world, players are able to fight with the original Liero weapons ( there are basically thirty of them) or add the twenty more or less harmful new ones.


      • Menu navigation / movement

      • DPAD / Left Analog Stick

      • Menu select / fire

      • Square

      • Jump

      • Circle

      • Change weapons

      • Triangle

      • Menu

      • Start

      • Pause

      • Select

    • Installation
      1. Download the .vpk and data files from the release section.
      2. Install the .vpk on your vita.
      3. Copy the audio, lang, music and sprites folders to ux0:/data/wiiero (create the wiiero folder there).


      • Sound works when playing on Vita3K, but doesn't on real hardware
      • Selecting the "How to play option" causes a crash

    • v1.2
      • Added support for the left analog stick.
      • Added proper multicontroller detection.

    • Super special thanks
      • Rinnegatamante for the huge support with this port, without him I would never be able to get this to work.
      Regular special thanks
      • Joosa Riekkinen (Liero Developer)
      • Luca Denevolo (Wiiero Developer)
      • Every VitaSDK contributor
      • SDL-vita contributors
      • rsn-8887 for additional SDL-vita help
      • HENkaku Discord community for the development help