VITA / PS TV [WIP] March22 Visual Novel engine (LPP) 1.0

March22 Vsual Novel Engine LPP port by InnocentSam

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    • Alright, lads?

      So I started porting (or rather, remaking from the ground-up...) my open-source C++ visual novel engine to PS Vita, using lpp-vita. Unfortunately, with university starting again soon, I won't have the time to keep developing it.

      So I'm posting it here just so it gets some face-time, and if anyone who sees it wants to they can work on it. I'm always reachable if anyone has any questions on how parts of the engine work.

      Included in the source code is a program that converts Ren'Py script into Lua scripts specifically for the engine.

      The Github page can be found here:

      And a demo of the first script from Katawa Shoujo can be downloaded here: ... /tag/0.4.0


      I still have some time for another week or so; perhaps I was a bit premature.

      Just pushed a new version and a new demo. It just fixes most issues from the previous version, as well as adding a basic main menu and a nicer loading screen. It also can skip lines by holding right-trigger, but this seems to break at a specific function in the scripts, which I'm still trying to trace.

      But look, it's pretty!

      I have this issue with editing icon0.png though; any edits to it make VitaShell/MolecularShell unable to install the VPK. Weird stuff.

      I'd also love it if lpp-vita had a function to get the registry's X/O configuration, and control the volume of a playing sound; that way I can do fading in/out of music.


    • Katawa Shoujo A1-Monday - March22-Lua v0.5.0

      Same build as last time, but on v0.5.0 with almost every listed bug from the previous version fixed.
      Bugs/Problems/Missing features:
      • Background transitions are instant
      • Music transitions are instant (engine limitation, cannot fix currently)
      • Long narrative is not recognized (where the text box covers the entire screen)
      • Decision branching not implemented
      • No character movements
      • Chapter/label/scene recognition
      • Save game
      Katawa Shoujo A1-Monday

      Test binary release; install via VitaShell/MolecularShell on PSVita. Safe homebrew.
      • Typewriter breaks unicode characters while in motion
      • Character animations can be a bit janky
      • Delta time display inaccurate
      • Application crashes when it reaches the end of the script
      • Decisions/decision text is not interpreted properly
      • No music other than the starting music

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