PS2 wLaunchELF 41e4ebe (14\01\2019)

LaunchELF is a file manager program for the PlayStation 2.

  1. LaunchELF commit ff91651, build 05\11\2018

    LaunchELF commit ff91651, build 05\11\2018:

    • Updated USBHDFSD: fix bug that prevented correct reading & writing. Also relaxed restriction on Unicode codepoints to support glyphs up to index 255.
    • NEW 2018/11/05: Improved file-copying performance, by aligning buffer sizes and increasing the block size for transfers to USB devices.
    • NEW 2018/11/05: It is now possible to access mass: directly from FTP.
    • NEW 2018/11/05: Fixed graphical glitch in help text when highlighting some menu options in some menus.
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