PS2 wLaunchELF 41e4ebe (14\01\2019)

LaunchELF is a file manager program for the PlayStation 2.

  1. LaunchELF commit 41e4ebe, build 11\01\2019.

    LaunchELF commit 41e4ebe, build 11\01\2019.

    • Enforce limit on partition count for HDD Manager, corrected partition name length limit input to keyboard, added new message for indicating too many partitions to list, removed old code for partition groups, increased partition limit to 1400.
    • Updated to use USBMASS_DEVCTL_STOP_ALL instead, to shut down all USB devices without knowing the actual number connected.
    Source of changelog:
    I've taken out this version from the latest FMCB\FHDB v1.966 (11\01\2019).
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