PSP WTH (Wagic The Homebrew) 2018-01-31

WTH (Wagic The Homebrew) -Zethfox, Dr Solomat, Mike

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    -by Zethfox, Dr Solomat, Mike​

    • Wagic is an heroic fantasy collectible trading card game (available on many platforms).

      In Wagic, you play as a wizard against the CPU with your army of minions. You start the game with a small collection of cards (symbolizing creatures and spells), and as you win battles against the AI, you earn credits that allow you to buy more cards and build more powerful decks.

      As you play, you unlock cards and new game modes, so Wagic is much more than a simple card simulation.

      Wagic features several thousands of cards in the official release,but if that’s not enough for you, it is highly customizable and allows to create your own cards and mods.

      Oh, and Wagic is free and open source.

    • Almost 1000 new cards were added to this release thanks to the work of Zethfox and Dr Solomat. This means we now have more than 9400 unique cards in the game. Among these cards are the long awaited Planeswalkers, as well as a few new sets. We also dramatically improved the Android and iOS ports, especially the deck editor. Check the changelog below for more details
      • Close to 1000 new cards, Wagic now supports more than 9400 unique cards, including (finally!) Planeswalkers support, and Dark Ascension
      • (iOS/Android) replaced some psp specific shortcuts with buttons for the touch screen. This makes the deck editor, in particular, much more usable
      • (iOS/Android) more intuitive way to scroll cards left and right in the deck editor, which should make it easier to build a deck
      • On Android, it is now possible to choose if you will download the game files on the internal memory or your SD card (experimental)
      • Many bug fixes, and minor gameplay improvements on all platforms (too many to describe them all)

    • Wagic is open source and released under the BSD License.

      The sources include a modified version of JGE++, a hardware accelerated library for Windows/PSP/Linux/Maemo/iOS/Android.

      The sources are available at

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