PS3 XMB CFW Settings 0.1

An XMB Modification (xai_plugin) by Mysis

  1. mysis

    • xai_plugin by mysis
      Release 0.1

      Happy New Year Everyone!

      * XMB Icons for nice cfw tasks, nicely listed in network column
      * XMB-Actions without the need for webbrowser for each step
      * Simply select and its executed!
      * No Thread waiting for controller input!
      * No additional CPU time stolen!
      * BD Remarry without downgrading!
      * Enter Factory Service Mode up to latest Firmware without Dongle!

      Clean Log File - Gives you the option to delete the Log-File
      Dump Disc Hash Key - This Option will write retrieve disc hash key
      from an ORIGINAL game disc and save it to log file
      This works without running the actual game!
      Log Klicense usage - Games that use klicense for accessing edat-files
      this option will save filename and klicensee to log
      Log Secure File ID usage - This will log save data name and file id key
      Enable In-Game Screenshot - This will only Enable for current system runtime.
      Override Disc SFO - Will apply SFO Attribute (0xA5) Remoteplay and
      SystemBGM to Disc Games. It will prolly not work with
      its Updates.
      Display applicable version - Tells you the minimum downgrade version of your system
      Dump IDPS - Prints your IDPS in cfw-settings.log
      Set dev_flash from USB - Jailcrab code for writing Lv2Kernel redirecting
      /dev_flash/ access to a mounted /dev_usb/
      Remarry Bluray Drive - Remarries the bd drive to the System
      Re-Initialize VTRM-Region - Aka RSOD-Fix if VTRM not a hw problem
      Toggle DLNA - Turns DLNA Media Server On/Off, usefull for DEX
      Rebulid Database - Reboots with Database rebuilding flag set
      Check Filesystem - Reboots and allows you to check and repair filesystem
      Toggle Recovery Mode - Reboots into Recovery Mode
      Toggle Factory Service Mode - Reboots into Factory Service Mode without Dongle

      Toggle Cobra Mode - Enables or if active disables Cobra Mode
      Toggle Rebug Mode - Enables or if active disables Rebug Mode
      Toggle Debug Settings Menu - Switches between "CEX QA" and "DEX" Debug Settings
      Download latest Rebug Toolbox
      Install downloaded Rebug Toolbox
      * should not be fw dependant, tested on 4.46 and 4.7x and does not use hardcoded offset patches
      * requires peek+poke (sc6+7+8+9) for few options
      * Log File path: /dev_hdd0/tmp/cfw-settings.log
      (Note: in FSM its /dev_usb/cfw-settings.log + hidden + system file flagged)

      * if you are using another xai_plugin for ex. rebooting, it can lead to incompatibility
      to prevent that, change the actual module action in (probably) category_user.xml (?) to:

      "<Pair key="module_name"><String>xai_plugin</String></Pair>"
      "<Pair key="module_action"><String>soft_reboot_action</String></Pair>" // soft reboot


      "<Pair key="module_name"><String>xai_plugin</String></Pair>"
      "<Pair key="module_action"><String>hard_reboot_action</String></Pair>" // hard reboot

      copy "xai_plugin.sprx" AND
      to "/dev_blind/vsh/module/"

      copy "xai_plugin.rco"
      to "/dev_blind/vsh/resource/"

      copy "category_network.xml", (cfw-settings added for CEX xmb)
      "category_network_tool2.xml" and (cfw-settings added for DEX xmb)
      "cfw_settings_en.xml" (contains cfw-settings and rebug-settings xmb-folders)
      to -> "/dev_blind/vsh/resource/explore/xmb/"
      =BD Remarry=

      1) Toggle Factory Service Mode (should be easy now)
      2) Put "eid_root_key" that belongs to the console to /dev_usb/
      3) Select Remarry Bluray Drive in Network->cfw-settings->Remarry Bluray Drive
      4) If everything went fine it should have notified: "CEX_drive_init() succeeded"
      5) Dont forget to repair CRL/DRL if you need to fix it

      Successfully remarried /dev_usb/cfw-settings.log should look like:

      2011-12-31 19:00:24 [xai_plugin] : : _xai_plugin_prx_entry()
      2011-12-31 19:00:24 [xai_plugin] : 1 : xai_plugin_init()
      2011-12-31 19:00:24 [xai_plugin] : 1 : xai_plugin_start()
      2011-12-31 19:00:24 [xai_plugin] : ACT0 : xai_plugin_action(remarry_bd)
      Looking for lv1 offset
      Found lv1 code @0xac574
      EID2 P-Block decrypted
      EID2 S-Block decrypted
      sys_storage_open(bdvd) = 0
      stg BDVD Auto Request Sense OFF success = 0
      Identified Drive = SONY PS-SYSTEM 302R4154
      ps3rom_lv2_mode_select(2) = 0
      ps3rom_lv2_write_buffer(2,60) = 0
      ps3rom_lv2_mode_select(3) = 0
      ps3rom_lv2_write_buffer(3,670) = 0
      ps3rom_lv2_mode_select(4) = 0
      ps3rom_lv2_write_buffer(4,8000) = 0
      CEX_drive_init() succeeded
      2011-12-31 19:01:20 [xai_plugin] : ACT0 : xai_plugin_action(service_mode)
      Product Mode Disabled
      = Thanks =

      Sandungas - for the xml adding and rco

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    • From developer Mysis Release Notes:
      • "should not be fw dependant, tested on 4.46 and 4.7x and does not use hardcoded offset patches"
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