PSP XMB Item Hider 1.3 fix2 2016-08-22

XMB Item Hider 1.3 fix2 -Frostegater

  1. UniqueUserName
    -by Frostegater

    • A plugin for hiding XMB items.

    • (v1)
      - Initial Release.

      - Added hide UMD Update Icon (non PSPgo).
      - Added 5.00/5.02/5.03/5.50 compatibility.
      - Added hide GO!Messenger icon (5.xx).
      - Added "[Global]" category: USE_PLUGIN, HIDE_ALL, HIDE_ALL_SETTINGS, HIDE_ALL_EXTRAS,

      - Fixed bug in "HIDE_ALL" option.
      - Added hiding Memory Stick™ (4 locations), System Storage (4 locations), Resume Game, Savedata (EF, MS).

      - Unite SignUp And Account Management, because of bug.
      - Fix bug in hide Memory Stick`s and Memory Stick Savedata after exit of sleep mode.

      - Fixed hiding 'Sign Up' and 'Account Management'.

      - Fixed location of option for hiding 'Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity'.

    • - Bubbletune

      - Total_Noob

      - CompuPhase

      - Frostegater

      - codestation

      - zer01ne