PS3 XMB mods collection disc (113 mods) 2016-12-23

XMB mods

  1. 0_obeWAN
    XMB mods collection disc
    (113 mods)

    • Here is an ISO compilation of previous mods discs collections released

      Disk image (iso) allowing the install and change
      • Coldboots
      • XMB waves
      • PSN icons
      • XMB fonts

    • Installation:
      • Copy the iso file to PS3's hard drive in dev_hdd0/PS3ISO/

      • Mount iso file with your usual backup manager
      • Navigate on the disk to choose the mod to install
      • Validate X + answer YES to install, wait for the return to the XMB
      • Mod is installed

    • Downloads & Mirrors: