PS3 XMB Package Downloader (XMBPD) v0.70

XMB Package Downloader is a "Homebrew Store" that is intergrated into the XMB

  1. XMBPD v0.70

    v0.70 Changes
    • Added over 60 No-PSN pkgs (Thanks to @esc0rtd3w - Source1 Source2)
    • Updated the webMAN Mod, PSN Patch, PrepNTFS and ManaGunZ packages, added Gamepad Test v1.0.
    • Added 10 "PSN not required" apps to the PSN category.
    • Added an XMBPD...
  2. XMBPD v0.65.00

    XMBPD Update.
    • Only tested on Rebug 4.81
    • Installs to the network category.
    • Updated packages and new stuff.
    • Package Handling settings removed, Now all packages will download to a temporary location and then get deleted after install.
  3. XMBPD v0.63.00

    • Updated the download_plugin sprx to the CEX 4.81 version (patched for XMBPD by @Bobby_Downgrades to allow unsigned pkgs to download and install)
    • Updated the available prepNTFS pkg to v1.16
    • Updated the available IRISMAN pkg to v4.81.00 (FULL and LITE available now)
    • Updated the available SEN Enabler pkg to 6.0.3
    • Updated the WebMAN MOD pkg to 1.45.02 (Latest build available as of 11/11)
    • Added 40 GBA games to a new subcategory inside retro...
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  4. XMBPD v0.62.00

    • New installer.
    • Still has the option to only install the normal HDD files so that XMBPD appears inside XMBM+ in the game category as usual.
    • Now also has new additional options that allow XMBPD to be installed to the network category on 6 of the latest and greatest CFWs (in alphabetical order) - Darknet 4.81, Ferrox 4.81, Overflow 4.81, Playerkp420 4.81, Rebug 4.80.1 and SPY 4.81.
    • Webman Mod FULL edition is required as always so you should have that running first,...
  5. XMBPD v0.61.00

    XMBPD Update v0.61.00 now available to download from the XMB if you have this installed already. To update, go to the Game category > XMBM+ > XMB Package Downloader > XMBPD Setup > Update XMBPD > Then Reboot.

    Changes in v0.61.00:
    • All Download Items now have individual icons.(see pics, I know they are squashed but its better than nothing right?)
    • Added...
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  6. XMBPD v0.60.000

    XMBPD v0.60.000 Rebug 4.80.1 Only
    • Added a new category for wallpapers, with 9 sub categories.
    • All wallpapers with local preview icons.
    • The wallpaper/background will open in the webbrowser and then you can press triangle and go to "File>Save Image". Then you can exit the browser and go to the Photo category to set it as a wallpaper.
    • There are 2...
  7. XMBPD v0.50.006

    Here is where Im at now, This is Aldostools latest XMBM+ package with the latest XMBPD files added inc Berions icons. Note Ive moved XMBPD up one layer in this version, so its now shown at the bottom of XMBM+'s first level instead of inside Package Manager Plus, I feel it was too hidden away where it was as a subcategory of a subcategory, it made the lowest layer 5/6 deep from the top so its nice to take a layer off IMO.

    • Moved...
  8. XMBPD v0.50.005

    Im working on expanding the new XMBPD Setup section and changing the layout a little in update 0.50.005. And Ive been coming up with a better default icon set from the system icons as the bubbles are starting to annoy me too, just too many of them :) . The bubbles will be available aswell for those that want them. I will be keeping the main bubble icon even in the plain default set for now.

    So far its got:
    - Package Handling Settings > Install,...
  9. XMBPD v0.50.004

    XMBPD Update 0.50.004 is available:

    This adds a new category for 4 (so far) of @0_obeWAN's (thanks) PS3_EXTRA disks (These download straight to your dev_hdd0/PS3ISO folder).
    Plus a few other small cosmetic changes:

    Note / Reminder : XMBPD's...​
  10. XMBPD v0.50.003

    Just put up update 0.50.003. This adds an experimental "Package Settings" section, it is fully working as far as I can tell. Let me know what you guys think.

    It gives the option for keeping the packages after install, or not installing at all.

    The new settings section has 4 items: