PS4 Yabause (Sega Saturn Emulator) BETA

A Sega Saturn emulator for the PS4

  1. STLcardsWS

    • Yabause (PS4 Port)
      Early Sega Saturn emulator for the PlayStation 4
      BIOS FIle Needed?
      • Yes, Place BIOS (via FTP) to creat ed folders: data/yabause/saturn.bin
      • be sure to rename bios as "saturn.bin"
      • We do not provide bios or the download/location of bios files.
      Supported Formats (of games)?
      • ISO / BIN
      Known Issues / Limitations
      • 3D Games have slowdowns & not pleasant to play
      • Various 2D Games are reported to be working well.

      Release notes via @Markus95 (LS)

    Developer';s Patreon if you would like to support:
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