PS3 4.70 OFW Hack (including SuperSlim PS3) - New method for injecting backups

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By STLcardsWS on Nov 6, 2016 at 3:51 PM
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    So ,here is some news for PlayStation 3 OFW owners, as Russian hackers have released a new method of injecting backups on PS3 4.70 Official Firmware, similar to the hack and information from Kakaroto that lead to injections of various PS3 and PSP backups and tools such as trueAncestor backup Injector (which is used in this method). This new method seems to require a update for the game or it will not work according to limited reports. Also the hack does not require a IDPS which becomes even more useful for OFW user's as there is currently not many ways to obtain an IDPS via software. IDPStealer was one method used by PS3 user's during the first backup injection hack, but Sony patched the tool created by flatz and now this new method has a conversion that is said to not need any hardware or idps. The process can be found in this included Tutorial.

    PS3 SuperSlim.jpg

    • Requirements for Converting your Games on PS3 4.70 OFW (Downloads @ bottom of article):
      • The Game (Disc Version) and the Patches..
      • Converter:
      • Injector: TrueAncestor - The BACKUP Injector
      • Hex Editor: HxD - The Hex Editor is Freeware
      • make_npdata: (Complied version inside GAME_CONVERT)
      • PkgView: (Latest version 1.3 is needed)

    • PART: #1 - Convert PS3 Game / Modify License
      1. Open archive any archive and extract packed inside GAME_CONVERT folder at any convenient place, preferably close to the root of the drive (NOT the folder path should be long and contain Cyrillic characters and other signs such as @ & () "/ [\ ]:;! | =,)
      2. If you have downloaded the game in an ISO you need to unpack it or mount a virtual drive. Of all the files we need only PS3_GAME folder, copy it to GAME_CONVERT. This also unpack the archive, containing script-BAT and utility make_npdata.
        As a result, you should get this: GAME_CONVERT.png
      3. We go in and check out there PS3_GAME presence LICDIR folder. If not, then read the following second part.
      4. Run CONVERT.BAT, continue to enter the name of our future in the game folder NPEBXXXXX format (where XXXXX any five-digit number), click the interval, waiting ... After the completion of the script, next to the other files will be almost finished with the game folder.
      5. It's time to unpack the patch (s). If the patch is not one, then you need to unpack them all and merge into a single folder, from smallest to largest, while agreeing with the replacement.
      6. Copy EBOOT.BIN file from the patch to the folder USRDIR our converted games. Editing, if needed, PARAM.SFO. (Change the version of the game, and the firmware on the exact same as in PARAM.SFO patch)
      7. Finished the game folder and the folder with the patch throws in "TrueAncestor BACKUP Injector \ game" and create a backup for instructions, please read third part below. Something like this should look ready patch folder and games. igra.jpg

    • PART #2 : (Create/Modify License)
      Only needed, if one was NOT included in your 'backup'!

      Creating PS3_GAME \ LICDIR \ LIC.DAT
      1. In PS3_GAME create LICDIR folder.
      2. Open in LIC.DAT hex-editor on any game, scroll down to 0x800 position until we find the game code (scroll carefully, that would not miss). LIC.DAT.png
      3. Once found, we replace it with the code of our game, taken from PARAM.SFO. LIC.DAT_NEW.png
      4. Vanishes 4 bytes old checksum in the 0x20 position (which indicates the 4th arrow), then select from the beginning exactly 0h900 bytes (number of allocated code is displayed in the bottom of the hex-editor - "Length: 900"), calculate a new CRC-32 as shown by the arrows and write a new check sum in the position 0x20:
        LIC.DAT CRC-32.png
      5. Save and copy ready LIC.DAT in PS3_GAME \ LICDIR.

      P.S. --> You can generate LIC.DAT code of PARAM.SFO games via the PS3 LIC.DAT Generator.​

    • PART #3: Repack ISO to PKG and Inject Backup to PS3

      PS3 OFW RePack (ISO2PKG)
      1. Insert the flash drive in the PS3 or an external HDD, formatted in FAT32.
      2. Go to "System Settings> Backup Utility" and create a backup copy.
      3. To unpack (* .pkg) use PkgView v1.3 PS3 PKGView v1.3.png
      4. To add a game to use the backup TrueAncestor BACKUP Injector v1.70
      5. Drag a folder with numbers "PS3 \ EXPORT \ BACKUP \ 000000000000" in "TrueAncestor_BACKUP_Injector_v1.70 \ backup" folder
      6. Folders with the unpacked game move to folder "TrueAncestor_BACKUP_Injector_v1.70 \ game"
        • [NPXX00000] - The game itself
        • [BLXX00000] - Patch
        • DLC (if present)
      7. Run injector.exe and Recompiling BACKUP with the game (carry out points "1", "3", "S") TrueAncestor BACKUP Injector2.png
      8. Restoring a backup to the PS3

    • Thanks to @jjkkyu for explaination.

    Downloads: Required Tools (AIO) Pack

    Source(s): (Russian Site) /
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 6, 2016.

    1. jjkkyu
      You can add the oldest one, the later patches you can install online.
      kozarovv likes this.
    2. eryokta
      Hello i'm sorry i'm the newbie here, i have try it all, but the game still can't run, and my stupidity caused my console update from 4.70 to 4.80 ofw, can i still use this methode? But how to do restore back to my ofw 4.80?
      And @jjkkyu u said use data transfer, but i don't have cfw console, any others way?

      Thanks for your reply
    3. eryokta
      @jjkkyu u said use data transfer, but i don't have cfw console, any others way?

      Thanks for your reply
    4. andrea2107
      You can't use this method with 4.70+ or without cfw
    5. eryokta

      But jjkkyu said there are 3 ways for the games work on 4.70+ ofw? It's that possible?

      Do you know how to downgrade from 4.80 to 4.70?

      Sory ask to much
    6. andrea2107
      If you have a 3xxx or a 4xxx ps3 you can't downgrade
      You can do it with your idps too,but i doubt you got it and now the method to get it is patched
    7. eryokta
      So i can't get my idps on my 4.80 console? And the only way only use data transfer via cfw console?
    8. andrea2107
    9. eryokta
      Oke, thanks for your help
    10. catalinnc
      you can inject in 480 ofw too, BUT only some old retail games...
    11. eryokta
      Surely? Example? Can i inject pes 2016?
      And what methode is using? Just restore backup?
    12. bguerville
      catalinnc spoke of old retail games right? Lol
      Pes 2016 is a year old..
    13. eryokta
      Hahahaha i just still hope can inject all game Lol, cause my stupidity make my console update to 4.80, btw thank bro
    14. bguerville
      If I understand correctly you had a console on CFW & updated by accident?
      If your console is still in good shape overall, you should go to the nearest decent professional & have it downgraded for 50 bucks or whatever...
      I would gladly pay 50 bucks to avoid the tedious conversion & injection process along with all the restrictions that go with it, especially in 4.80, and get my full CFW back.

      If the console was on 4.70 & was not downgradeable, maybe one could consider it... Even then, I think I would sell it & buy a slim on CFW for 150 bucks.
      Last edited: Dec 11, 2016
    15. eryokta
      Thats my last choice hahaha
      [​IMG] please can you make video for the first step to convert the game when in start bat and i put name NPEBXXXXX AND CLICK ENTER IT SAY ERROR I CANT KNOW WHERE THE ERROR AND I'M NOT GOOD IN ENGLISH TOO SO NEED VIDEO HOW CONVERT
      --- one more question i sow some one in shop he work in this idea and now i have PlayStation 3 version ofw 3xxx from this shop have 15 game my question can i make backup from this
      to other
      Last edited: Dec 11, 2016
    17. o1nk
      I right click the convert bat and run as administrator.
      Remember they are not all NPEB
      I found these as a guide:

      BCJS = NPJA.
      BLJM = NPJB.
      BCAS = NPHA.
      BLAS = NPHB.
      BCES = NPEA.
      BLES = NPEB.
      BCUS = NPUA.
      BLUS = NPUB.
    18. Mazen
      I want to ask 3 important questions for me console is now on 4.81 ofw if i make the data transfer process from cfw to my ofw console and after that i got another ofw consle is also on 4.81 now if i make the data transfer from the first ofw console which have the games transferd from the cfw to the second ofw one does the games will work on the second ofw console? And does the games will be moved (deleted) from the first ofw console ?
      2.if i made a backup from 4.70 console with the games installed and i restored it to my ofw 4.81 console does they will work on my ofw 4.81? console as jjkkyu said
      3.if i make a backup from cfw 4.81 ps3 with the games and restore it to my ofw 4.81 does they will work?
    19. Bereuza
      1. If you do the transfer from a CFW to your official OFW assuming the convertion process with GAME_CONVERT was well executed, yes, the games will work. And if once your OFW is filled with transfered games from CFW you decide to do the transfer from that OFW to another OFW the games will work on that OFW also.
      2. The only way to inject and restore backups past 4.70 is with the idps of the console on 4.81, otherwise no backup and restore method will work.
      3. As I stated above, backup and restore method was patched and only works with the idps from the target console. Without the idps the only way is with Data Transfer Utility.
    20. catalinnc
      1. data transfer means MIGRATION! doing it the ps3 receiving it will be formated 1st (so you will lose all the stuff on the reveiver)...also all the stuff from the donor ps3 will de deleted too (after the transfer is done)...
      2. no...the only way to make games work of 481 is data transfer...there is an exception to this with regards on some old ps3 games that can by injected on 481 and will work...
      3. no...there are reports (by bigjoker) that idps will not help at all...

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