PS3 4.70 OFW Hack (including SuperSlim PS3) - New method for injecting backups

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By STLcardsWS on Nov 6, 2016 at 3:51 PM
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    So ,here is some news for PlayStation 3 OFW owners, as Russian hackers have released a new method of injecting backups on PS3 4.70 Official Firmware, similar to the hack and information from Kakaroto that lead to injections of various PS3 and PSP backups and tools such as trueAncestor backup Injector (which is used in this method). This new method seems to require a update for the game or it will not work according to limited reports. Also the hack does not require a IDPS which becomes even more useful for OFW user's as there is currently not many ways to obtain an IDPS via software. IDPStealer was one method used by PS3 user's during the first backup injection hack, but Sony patched the tool created by flatz and now this new method has a conversion that is said to not need any hardware or idps. The process can be found in this included Tutorial.

    PS3 SuperSlim.jpg

    • Requirements for Converting your Games on PS3 4.70 OFW (Downloads @ bottom of article):
      • The Game (Disc Version) and the Patches..
      • Converter:
      • Injector: TrueAncestor - The BACKUP Injector
      • Hex Editor: HxD - The Hex Editor is Freeware
      • make_npdata: (Complied version inside GAME_CONVERT)
      • PkgView: (Latest version 1.3 is needed)

    • PART: #1 - Convert PS3 Game / Modify License
      1. Open archive any archive and extract packed inside GAME_CONVERT folder at any convenient place, preferably close to the root of the drive (NOT the folder path should be long and contain Cyrillic characters and other signs such as @ & () "/ [\ ]:;! | =,)
      2. If you have downloaded the game in an ISO you need to unpack it or mount a virtual drive. Of all the files we need only PS3_GAME folder, copy it to GAME_CONVERT. This also unpack the archive, containing script-BAT and utility make_npdata.
        As a result, you should get this: GAME_CONVERT.png
      3. We go in and check out there PS3_GAME presence LICDIR folder. If not, then read the following second part.
      4. Run CONVERT.BAT, continue to enter the name of our future in the game folder NPEBXXXXX format (where XXXXX any five-digit number), click the interval, waiting ... After the completion of the script, next to the other files will be almost finished with the game folder.
      5. It's time to unpack the patch (s). If the patch is not one, then you need to unpack them all and merge into a single folder, from smallest to largest, while agreeing with the replacement.
      6. Copy EBOOT.BIN file from the patch to the folder USRDIR our converted games. Editing, if needed, PARAM.SFO. (Change the version of the game, and the firmware on the exact same as in PARAM.SFO patch)
      7. Finished the game folder and the folder with the patch throws in "TrueAncestor BACKUP Injector \ game" and create a backup for instructions, please read third part below. Something like this should look ready patch folder and games. igra.jpg

    • PART #2 : (Create/Modify License)
      Only needed, if one was NOT included in your 'backup'!

      Creating PS3_GAME \ LICDIR \ LIC.DAT
      1. In PS3_GAME create LICDIR folder.
      2. Open in LIC.DAT hex-editor on any game, scroll down to 0x800 position until we find the game code (scroll carefully, that would not miss). LIC.DAT.png
      3. Once found, we replace it with the code of our game, taken from PARAM.SFO. LIC.DAT_NEW.png
      4. Vanishes 4 bytes old checksum in the 0x20 position (which indicates the 4th arrow), then select from the beginning exactly 0h900 bytes (number of allocated code is displayed in the bottom of the hex-editor - "Length: 900"), calculate a new CRC-32 as shown by the arrows and write a new check sum in the position 0x20:
        LIC.DAT CRC-32.png
      5. Save and copy ready LIC.DAT in PS3_GAME \ LICDIR.

      P.S. --> You can generate LIC.DAT code of PARAM.SFO games via the PS3 LIC.DAT Generator.​

    • PART #3: Repack ISO to PKG and Inject Backup to PS3

      PS3 OFW RePack (ISO2PKG)
      1. Insert the flash drive in the PS3 or an external HDD, formatted in FAT32.
      2. Go to "System Settings> Backup Utility" and create a backup copy.
      3. To unpack (* .pkg) use PkgView v1.3 PS3 PKGView v1.3.png
      4. To add a game to use the backup TrueAncestor BACKUP Injector v1.70
      5. Drag a folder with numbers "PS3 \ EXPORT \ BACKUP \ 000000000000" in "TrueAncestor_BACKUP_Injector_v1.70 \ backup" folder
      6. Folders with the unpacked game move to folder "TrueAncestor_BACKUP_Injector_v1.70 \ game"
        • [NPXX00000] - The game itself
        • [BLXX00000] - Patch
        • DLC (if present)
      7. Run injector.exe and Recompiling BACKUP with the game (carry out points "1", "3", "S") TrueAncestor BACKUP Injector2.png
      8. Restoring a backup to the PS3

    • Thanks to @jjkkyu for explaination.

    Downloads: Required Tools (AIO) Pack

    Source(s): (Russian Site) /
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 6, 2016.

    1. arcadekidflo
      Can you copy the entire patch to the game ? Since some games really need it for fixing bugs
    2. ph0enix404
      I understand the reason we need an update edat is because the update tells the PS3 to run on HDD. Would this not just be a hex offset we can find comparing update to original and create an offset change tool to avoid needing an update edat?
    3. oneohthree
      In the following scenario:

      4.81 CFW console's HDD: 120GB (40GB used)
      4.81 OFW console's HDD: 80GB (just formatted)

      Can I transfer data using Data Transfer Utility in this situation? Do I need to take into account free space available or HDD capacity?

      PS: I'm asking this because I don't have any OFW console at this moment to test this.
    4. kozarovv
      Not tested by me, but it should work. PS3 is backing up data, not "disc space".
      oneohthree likes this.
    5. Flynsk
      Hi, I'm new to the scene and running an OFW 4.70, and have a few questions. I've been able to get a backup of discs w/update working, c00, and ps1 classics working, but no luck with PS2 classics , PSP,or PSN backups. I have rap files, but don't see anywhere to stick them in trueancestor retailer 2.15. pexploit wants my idps, and I don't have it or way to get it (i gather from reading). Is there another tool i'm missing? can anyone point me to a tutorial?

      And on another note, is there a way to resign the eboot file for games without an update?
      Last edited: Mar 6, 2017
      bguerville likes this.
    6. bguerville
      Nope. As far as I know, games without updates cannot be used with the OFW backup injection method.

      I have not had the opportunity to try this myself as I don't have a console on OFW 4.70+ however in theory PSone classics, PS2 classics & minis/psp remasters should work fine.. Not sure in practice though..

      As far as pexploit is concerned, you are stuck without idps. You cannot use idpstealer anymore to get your idps because it was patched in ofw 4.70! The only way to get your idps is to use a hardware flasher I'm afraid...
      Last edited: Mar 6, 2017
    7. Flynsk
      Thanks for the quick reply - much appreciated! You confirmed my suspicions around idps, etc.

      So far I get license errors on the PSP remasters and PS2 classics. unzipped ps1 classics boot up fine from the /game folder. Do you know of a good tutorial on these, or search terms I should be using?

      Thanks again!
    8. bguerville
      Have you included a rap file in your backup?

      Sorry but I dunno any tutorial about psp/ps2 backup injection on ofw. As I said, so far the focus has mostly been on ps3 games really.

      I wish I had a more complete answer for you...

      Maybe @Joonie can help further? Or @jikkyu?
    9. Joonie
      PS2 = impossible
      PSX/PSP = Works up to 4.70 or 4.66 [I'm not sure but SONY patched this on 4.7x]
      bguerville likes this.
    10. Flynsk
      When you say PS2 impossible, does that include HD remakes and PS2 classics?

      I'm on 4.70, and have gotten 3/4 psx games i've tried working.
      param.sfo options are identical, so not sure what's going on there.

      no PSP working so far.

      Not sure what to do with the .rap files. It looks like they belong in exdata, but I don't see where to put them in the injector (no folder by that name). Or do I put them in one of the game folders?

      When you say PS2 impossible, does that include HD remakes and PS2 classics?

      Thank you both for chiming in!
    11. Joonie
      You can't active rap on OFW, PS2 classics pkgs are impossible to run.

      I don't know about HD remakes as in PS3 format, it depends on the game.
    12. Flynsk
      Ah, Ok. This is all good info, guys. Thanks for clarifying!
    13. azbu
      Hello Guys,

      first of all i want to say thank you to all the people who make this possible.. you guys are AWESOME!

      now, i'm a new member here and i've just found out this way of playing games on OFW
      (my ps3 is on 4.70) awhile ago. i tried doing my 1st backup of TLoU and amazingly it worked! even thou i'm having a hard time understanding the instructions.. (english is not my language sorry)

      now, i want to ask regarding DLC i know it's been already written in the instructions
      but i'm still kinda lost..

      let says i want to put a DLC on my TLoU backup.. do i have to make a new backup or just use my existing one? also, in the instruction it just say this
      • [NPXX00000] - The game itself
      • [BLXX00000] - Patch
      • DLC (if present)
      does it mean that DLC should be present before you make a backup
      not after you make a backup then inject again the DLC?

      also, does it matter if the DLC is in .pkg or in folders with the files inside
      or it has a different name or whatever it is as long it is a DLC?
      as long as it is in the "game" folder with the game itself, patch, DLC
      will the backup injector recognize it that the file is a DLC?

      i'm sorry if it's too long.. i'm still learning how
      i hope i'm not being spoon feed here.. i am just lost & seeking guidance

      Thanks Again ^.^
    14. MoJagot

      Is there anyway to inject a pkg like movian into the backup and use of ofw?

    15. sleepingnight
      i have ps3 superslim ODE on OFW 4.53, can i use this method?
      or i must update to OFW 4.70 & remove the ODE ?
      thanks in advance.
    16. bguerville
      What kind of ode is it? Cobra with DMC?
      If you have an ODE why would you use the OFW 4.70 hack?
      You can already play your backups, can't you...? To avoid the boot disc step?
      Anyway I don't think the hack should require you to remove the ODE & you could always use the pass through mode...
    17. sleepingnight
      i use Matrix ODE on OFW 4.53
      yes i still can play game with changing eboot version for higher fw
      but can i use the method on ofw 4.53 ?
    18. o1nk
      Back to my thirst for knowledge

      I have 4.70 OFW on a Super Slim
      I have successfully used a 1Tb usb to inject lots of games into a 1Tb in the PS3

      Two more to work out now

      In a recent post, I mentioned the fact that a game like GTA V has 27 updates and a reply came to have one update and get the rest online.
      I have no PSN account and I am on 4.70. When I go to register it wants me to update. Sorry Sony but that's a no no. Any other way of making an account without updating the OFW? Otherwise, I am left with injecting all the updates to a current backup

      Secondly. PS1 games. I have tons of old isos of PS1 games. Is there a way of injecting them onto the HD?

      Any response is always greatly appreciated

    19. catalinnc
      you do not need psn account to update a game...connect the ps3 to internet, select the game then press triangle on the game pad and select "update" from the menu...
    20. o1nk

      How do I get PS1 iso's onto the PS3?

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