PS3 4.76.1 REBUG REX (D-REX) Now Available !!!!

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 10, 2016.

By STLcardsWS on Jan 10, 2016 at 10:08 PM
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    As Rebug developer's Evilsperm hinted recently of a "near release" and as Joonie recently announced the new changes since the last update to REBUG REX. The wait is over as the official release has dropped after approved testing has satisifed the REBUG Custom Firmware developers. The most notiable changes in this build of REBUG REX (D-REX) is that you now have the ability for BD / DVD playback on DEX thanks to Mysis findings and release a couple of months ago, Cobra 7.2 makes its introduction to REBUG Firmware's, An update to the Rebug Toolbox (Add-on) that corrects an issue with the MAMBA payload. View all the changes and features outlined in the details [break]s[/break] below about this latest CFW release from Team Rebug. For full documentation on this CFW release be sure to view and read all the details provided by the REBUG developers on the official website as they really do a great job in documentation their firmware's and its features for its user base.

    So the question now remains will we seen an Official Firmware Update around the corner as that seems to be the trend on the last few Rebug Releases. Stay Tuned to for the latest coverage !!!!

    CFW Release
    CFW TypeDeveloper4.76 Apps & CFW

    Thanks to @Zwei for the News Alert!!
    Download: via rebug,me
    Source: rebug,me
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 10, 2016.

    1. shinyoyo
      [MENTION=29]Joonie[/MENTION] I try install webman mod 1.43.22,It worked!!!!

      About webman icon not show bug:After I enable webman then reset system,the messagebox shown on the screen say “webman loaded” but nothing happed.
    2. Zwei
      here webMAN not appeared
      I changed the system to (Toolbox) REBUG and appeared Webman will understand

      webMAN operating normally

      PS3 CECH2501A
    3. STLcardsWS
      Fine on my end, Just installed and everything working as expected. My game list displays fine.
    4. bitsbubba
      Same here with me, I'm starting to understand how [MENTION=29]Joonie[/MENTION] & [MENTION=89]aldostools[/MENTION] can't reproduce this error. Even before I upgraded webMAN MOD to 1.43.22full(which I highly suggest) they showed up
    5. Megaflop666
      Everything is working fine but sen enabler is giving me a firmware not compatible error. I have sen-enabler 5.9.1 cex-dex and I'm running the latest rebug dex.

      Any thoughts or does sen enabler need to be updated again?

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    6. bitsbubba
      It's possible SEN Enabler needs updated
    7. Megaflop666
      That's what I figured but I wanted to see if anyone else ran into it.

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    8. bguerville
      Confirming that SEN Enabler 5.9.1 needs updated at least for DEX. (have not tried with CEX yet!)

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    9. bitsbubba
      I haven't checked myself as my console is still "Temporarily Banned" so no PSN for me but if memory recalls [MENTION=76]Evilnat[/MENTION] has updated after every REBUG update
    10. sc30428
      Very good news for the modding community, thank you :)

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    11. piter
      Which Rebug release is safer for online play (PSN): Rebug 4.76.1-LITE Cobra 7.1 or Rebug 4.76.1-REX/D-REX Cobra 7.2?
      Currently I'm using lite version with PSN Patch 2015.11A by KW.
    12. bitsbubba
      CFW is not safe for online play, you're taking the same chance with all of them (as safe as I was still got banned)
    13. pinky
      I haven't played a ps3 game in over two years, but I sign in to the store for my vita. it might lend some information if the eboots themselves r what gets u banned. I've not been banned thus far. u should just be grateful that u can sign in at all, 'cause u can't on the 360 unless u pay $30/day.
    14. bitsbubba
      I can't my console is "Temporarily Banned", has been for 6+ months now. Yet my account still isn't
    15. Joonie
      I highly suggest using [MENTION=56]Alexander[/MENTION] 's Ferrox DB OFW 4.76 for your online play. It's the safest and featureless (for safety) MFW in the entire PS3 scene for now.

      [MENTION=89]aldostools[/MENTION] [MENTION=913]Metion[/MENTION] [MENTION=1060]Rommy667[/MENTION] [MENTION=16381]shinyoyo[/MENTION]

      I think the issue with game lists not showing was caused by "Disable grouping of content in "webMAN Games"

      However, this does not explain why [MENTION=16381]shinyoyo[/MENTION] still had the issue even after he formatted his harddrive.
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    16. aldostools
      The issue about games not showing when "Disable grouping of content in "webMAN Games" is selected seems to be a regression present since build 1.43.20, but nobody reported about it until now.

      This issue should be fixed in the build 1.43.23

      I think you've missed the following post about the new themes by MaxModding
    17. Rommy667
      Just tested out 1.43.23 with new firmware and glad to say its all back to normal thanks aldostools & all involved :)
    18. No0bZiLLa

      which part of the source handles getting and showing covers for webman? im having issues with external ntfs and game covers obtained with rudis cover tool. only about 60% of the covers are showing. i downloaded 157 covers out of 159 games, but only a certain percentage of covers are shown. <.<
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    19. aldostools
      In the module game_html.h there are various functions related to get the cover / icon that will be used in the game lists in XML and HTML.

      If you provide an archive containing the cached files found in /tmp/wmtmp and the xml generated in /dev_hdd0/xmlhost/game_plugin I could check them and try to reproduce your issue.

      Maybe the icons are too big (in KB) or the dimensions of the picture are not supported by XMB.
    20. No0bZiLLa
      hmm, well the size shouldnt be an issue because some of the covers that dont show are smaller than ones that do show. and size is 260x300 i manually converted some just incase to test as well and it didnt work. it will be a few days before i can get that xml because it is my sisters ps3. ill get it next time i go over there though. ill have a look at game_html.h... does this module also cover displaying covers/icons on xmb as well? thanks for any info

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