PS3 4.76.1 REBUG REX (D-REX) Now Available !!!!

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 10, 2016.

By STLcardsWS on Jan 10, 2016 at 10:08 PM
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    As Rebug developer's Evilsperm hinted recently of a "near release" and as Joonie recently announced the new changes since the last update to REBUG REX. The wait is over as the official release has dropped after approved testing has satisifed the REBUG Custom Firmware developers. The most notiable changes in this build of REBUG REX (D-REX) is that you now have the ability for BD / DVD playback on DEX thanks to Mysis findings and release a couple of months ago, Cobra 7.2 makes its introduction to REBUG Firmware's, An update to the Rebug Toolbox (Add-on) that corrects an issue with the MAMBA payload. View all the changes and features outlined in the details [break]s[/break] below about this latest CFW release from Team Rebug. For full documentation on this CFW release be sure to view and read all the details provided by the REBUG developers on the official website as they really do a great job in documentation their firmware's and its features for its user base.

    So the question now remains will we seen an Official Firmware Update around the corner as that seems to be the trend on the last few Rebug Releases. Stay Tuned to for the latest coverage !!!!

    CFW Release
    CFW TypeDeveloper4.76 Apps & CFW

    Thanks to @Zwei for the News Alert!!
    Download: via rebug,me
    Source: rebug,me
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 10, 2016.

    1. aldostools
      read again...
    2. shinyoyo
      [MENTION=89]aldostools[/MENTION] I found [MENTION=11]No0bZiLLa[/MENTION]'s a part of cover not show at gamelist's bug info: If your game cover name is gameid.jpg (note the'jpg'is lowercase) after scan game and reboot,the cover will not show at xmb,it will show game's defalut icon.If your game cover name is gameid.JPG (note the 'JPG' is uppercase) after scan game and reboot,the cover will show at xmb.This maybe a cover filename detection bug? I only test this at ps3 games.
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    3. STLcardsWS
      They have been on my list of things :) .. Always appreciate reminders and alerts though.
      [MENTION=214]SNK[/MENTION] and his guys have done some good things with some of the mods.
    4. atreyu187
      So much cool stuff out this last two weeks. Like Xmas all over again. One of the things I love most about the PS3 is the customization we can do. Full total control for it to look and behave as we see fit.
    5. marcaoperigoso
      Good good day, all right with CFW, but for me, the multiman firmware error "error bd non-functional emulator firmware not supported" ... REX version - PS3 chech 2501a, this occurs because the multiman have to suffer one update ?? More at rest, it's all right ...
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    6. Joonie
      Multiman 4.75 or 4.76 both should work just fine. 4.76.00 was tested on both cex/dex

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    7. marcaoperigoso
      and also have no access to the host server to my PC, if the lite version 4.76. 1 was working normally
    8. marcaoperigoso
      good, I do not know if it's just me that setback, most already reinstalled mman and continues the same way, activating the snake function, or standard, plus the error continues .. or server for accessing games on pc, nor bd emulator, in configurations the mman says have no bd emulator, well, I do not know if it's just me .. mman version 4.76 I'm using ... hugs
    9. Joonie
      Looks like your COBRA is still not enabled since all your issues are cobra related.

      Make sure to reinstall the CFW and the Toolbox 2.02.08 then try it again.
    10. marcaoperigoso

      ok, I will show the steps made now and the results ...
      1 - reinstalled CFW rebug 4.76.1 REX
      2 - The function activated COBRA
      3 - reinstalled multiMAN
      4th - deleted and reinstalled REBUG_TOOLBOX_FULL_02.02.08

      and these healthful results as you can see the photos.
      the server for accessing via the PC games, also does not work and neither recognizes, both in function and COBRA or the NORMAL in REBUG_TOOLBOX_FULL_02.02.08
    11. Joonie
      Do you use PSNPatch or SEN Enabler? That is really ODD..

      Or did you disable syscalls from webMAN?

      Otherwise it does not explain much to me.

      Again my multiMAN is 4.76.00 as you can see from the picture.

    12. kozarovv
      [MENTION=1948]marcaoperigoso[/MENTION] You should delete toolbox ,delete boot_plugins.txt from dev_hdd0 if exist, then reinstall firmware, then install toolbox (one that is already included in firmware, not downloaded one), then activate cobra. Important to do this step by step like i wrote.
    13. aldostools
      Well, it's not exactly a bug... it was intentional that only the covers named as titleid + .JPG or .PNG (upper case) were detected, due the covers packs are formatted in that way.

      Anyway I've modified the code to add the detection of the file extensions in upper and lower case (titleid + .JPG / .PNG / .jpg / .png). Try downloading again the pkg for 1.43.23.
    14. No0bZiLLa
      like i said, the covers are all properly formatted and within the right sizes it seems, and they all end in uppercase '.JPG' and have correct game_id. ill get that xml for you as soon as i can. i ran prep ntfs and tried refreshing xml... tried deleting wmtmp and i even went through and formatted the hdd on PC and tried to redo it, but was still the same outcome.

      also i didnt realize this was in rebugs thread... i thought i was in webman thread, so pardon me :p
    15. Metion

      i finally got some free time to check this issue. I can confirm that if Disable grouping of content in webMAN Games is enabled it doesn't show any game on XMB (on .21 and .22), the thing is that i have already tried to enable and disable this option but if you press click restart to apply changes on webman settings page it doesn't actually apply the new setting, you need to use /reboot.ps3 or manually reboot.

      Anyway it's fixed now in .23.
    16. youwish
      For me, Movian has never been able to play any content from DVD/BR, unless retail discs, which the PS3 could already do. CECHE REX 4.76.1. Error is always "Unable to probe file: not owner". Dev says it sounds like a kernel issue, but I've tried Habib's 4.76 1.00, as an alternative, to no avail. Same error on both cfw. I think Movian's issues aren't going to be fixed, since I've been waiting on him to fix optical disc reading for a year, now. Years back, Showtime was able to read content from burned discs, but when I try a super-old build of Showtime, it gives the same error. Is/Are there any option(s) I could change in ReBug Toolbox that would change anything?
    17. Joonie
      Umm I don't really use any burned dvd or bd movies on my PS3 as COBRA can already run DVD/BD ISO files just fine without needing any extra homebrew except for backup managers.

      As far as the kernel, there is nothing wrong with it since patches have always been the same since 4.21.

      I don't think I can help you with fixing issues with movian, however comparing sources of those working versions of old showtime and the latest movian may help finding the clue.

      As far as the CFW, there is nothing you can do.
    18. youwish
      Thanks for your input, Joonie :) As for older versions, what I meant was that older builds of Showtime worked with older ReBug releases ~2014 That's why I wasn't sure if the issue was a ReBug change. I'll try rolling back to ReBug 4.46, or older, which I know worked with discs.
    19. Joonie
      I do have a bd burner, I'll try myself as well


      [MENTION=2187]youwish[/MENTION] @bgurville

      I made a conclusion that showtime via multiMAN can watch a burned bd movie disc without any problem, however this isn't really ideal as it is too slow to launch multiple apps and navigate files, I wonder why you need this.

      anyways, standalone movian/showtime don't even let me browse files correctly, and impossible to watch movies, however showtime called via multiMAN 4.76.00 (non COBRA mode) showed it properly and didn't have any problems with movies.

      Tested on CECHA01, 4.76 DEX, multiMAN 4.76.00 (multiMAN mode)
      Tested media : BD-RE that contains Madagascar 3

      I guess Movian's missing stuff that multiMAN + Showtime do, also, I tried making a standalone showtime mixed with SHOWTIME.SELF taken from multiMAN, it also behaved the same as the normal standalone showtime

      StDISC homebrew wasn't used at all as its support was stopped since StDISC 8 ( FW up to 4.70)
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    20. bguerville
      Like [MENTION=29]Joonie[/MENTION], I never use dvdr so I need to try first... However I have a few dvdr on hand so I will give it a go & report.
      Meanwhile am trying to figure out why movian keeps crashing on a regular basis for me on DEX (on a 2504B), interestingly I have noticed that those video files that crash via DLNA or P2P will play fine when stored locally..

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