PS3 4.76 HABIB v1.00 COBRA CFW Released

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 31, 2015.

By STLcardsWS on Oct 31, 2015 at 3:00 PM
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    As we continue to celebrate Halloween, developer HABIB follow-ups his recent Cobra v7.20 released with a new CFW for the homebrew community. 4.76 HABIB COBRA v1.00 provides us with COBRA v7.20 features, Recent Reboot Options on the XMB (thanks to haxxxen & [email protected]), Habib also includes his CINAVIA patches for HDD/BD/DVD media, to allow for your personal freedom on your media. Plus, the usual patches found in HABIB's Cobra CFW builds that vertrans user of the firmware are fmailier with. Full details [break]ss[/break] can be found in the developer's release quote found below:

    Notice: If you downloaded the BETA pup that Habib released yesterday, be sure to update as the PUP file has been changed to include new feature states Habib,
    Habib hallown.PNG
    FW Version:
    FW Type:CFW Type:Developer):

    • 4.76

    • CEX

    MD5 Checksum:CFW Installation & Help:

    • C3A7CFE8D69CAFDF148BA07F4C1022E3

    YouTube &


Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 31, 2015.

    1. Sdw100
      Thanx great work [MENTION=20]habib[/MENTION] nice to see ur still finding new things up your sleeve with the cobra addons

      GREAT ARTICLE,i think u missed a word after the red notice, "released" mayby
      Last edited: Oct 31, 2015
    2. ertops
      thanks for the great work! :)
      only one question: why not to bring back the original Playstation 3 gameboot animation and sound that was found in OFWs before 3.00, to this CFW, with the method discovered by developer zant?
      nothing essential, but it would be nice in my opinion.
      anyway, thanks again.
    3. Phil
      Thank u [MENTION=20]habib[/MENTION] you are a good man. Would love to be as talented as you. Your work is apriciated
    4. kadorna2
      I've been doing the same thing since 4.55 only changing the coldboot, gameboot and ac3 files and it's been working fine, just mount dev_blind and overwrite the existing files
    5. ertops
      are you sure, original coldboot, gameboot AND SOUND found in OFWs before 3.00?
      in past i have replaced those files (since 4.55): for gameboot the ps3 logo appear again but no sound...

      I refer to the method recently discovered (10/10/2015) by the developer Zant that works on CFW 4.76.
      here a video...:
      Last edited: Nov 4, 2015
    6. kadorna2
      maybe you are right. my coldboot is the same as the gameboot in the video and the startup sound is the gameboot sound in the vid, so i don't know what the shit i have on my console :D
    7. psydefx
      id really like this earlier sce coldboot [video=youtube;tgPXlMbchFM][/video]

      dont know if there is a way to rip it from an older ofw
    8. pinky
      yes, if u have the pup with the coldboot. u can use PUAD to rip the pup. just select the dev_flash option. u don't need to extract anything else.
    9. bolt
      thanks habib for the awesome firmware. been waiting for this one specifically.

      just installed it, having a few minor issues. not sure if firmware related or app related but maybe someone knows how to solve them
      software installed
      1) multiman 4.76.00 BASE
      2) webMAN MOD v1.43.14
      3) PSNPatch 2015.11/A

      multiman has no issues. works like a charm.

      questions/minor issues:
      webman mod installed and works however i still have the "/app_home/PS3_Game" and "Install Package Files" on the xmb game menu. how can i remove them like the old webman did?
      After unmounting a game, i have to manually close the broswer. (hit triangle, close from side menu) is there anyway to close it automatically or ask to close it like how it does when mounting games?
      /app_home/PS3_Game gives error (80028F14) when i click on it.
      if i mount a game with webman_mod, then run psnpatch, then run the game, all i get is a black screen. (happening with PES2016. havent tried any other games)

      any help is welcome.

      Once again, thanks for the quality firmware and all the hard work you devs put in behind the scenes to keep the ps3 updated. it is appreciated.
    10. aldostools
      /app_home/PS3_GAME and Install Package Files are in category_game.xml (to remove them just replace the xml with the one from the OFW PUP)

      To auto close the browser when a disc is unmouned, replace the text "/mount.ps3/unmount" with "/mount_ps3/unmount" in /dev_hdd0/game/XMBMANPLS/USRDIR/FEATURES/webman.xml
      If you use webMAN in a non-English language, you must edit the corresponding xml.

      webMAN can disable the syscalls without having to use PSNpatch. Or try running PSNpatch first, then mount the game with webman and press R2+Triangle before lauch the game.
    11. epicboy
      Is this thoroughly tested? Or is there possibility of brick due to new cobra? Anyone install this on cechL?
    12. Zwei

      This CFW supports PSP games?
    13. psydefx
      yes habib fixed it
      Last edited: Nov 3, 2015
    14. blazinsmokey
      Just spent 40 minutes downloading to find out the MD5 is wrong.... trying again, but wanted to give people a heads up that sendspace may be having issues.
    15. Rudi Rastelli
      Rudi Rastelli
      May be it's a bit off-topic... but sendspace is extremly slow here. It's ok for small files but i've need 1h+ to download this CFW(even my download seems to be ok as it has the correct md5).
      So my question is : What are the reasons that a lot of releases are uploaded to sendspace when there are much faster filehosters(i use zippyshare for example) around ?
    16. TheDemon
      Installed and tested great work, running like a charm, thanks habib :D
    17. habib
      Mega was uploading so slow while i have 300/300 mbps connection so uploading is usually done in under a minute so when mega runs slow, i just use sendspace (i got 100mbps upload speed there)

      Yes this cfw has the special patch which i discovered in 4.75 (new drm by sony)
      Last edited by a moderator: Nov 2, 2015
    18. tehrzky
      what is the benefits of this new drm? tnx
    19. kozarovv
      Benefit of that new drm is that unsigned psp games stop working. Benefit of habib patch is that games work again.

      In other cfws cobra doing this, i don't know how is working in this cfw:
      #define cex_psp_drm_patch1	0x24277C // 
      #define cex_psp_drm_patch2	0x24321C // 
      #define cex_psp_drm_patch3	0x242E58 // 
      #define cex_psp_drm_patch4	0x243664 // 
      #define cex_psp_drm_patchA	0x242898 // 
      #define cex_psp_drm_patchB	0x243138 // 
      #define cex_psp_drm_patchC	0x2422D0 // 
      #define cex_psp_drm_patchD	0x242880 //
      #define cex_psp_drm_patchE	0x242884 //
      #define cex_psp_drm_patchF	0x243250 // 

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