PS3 4.81 ErMaK86 [COBRA 7.3] Greek Language CFW

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By STLcardsWS on Nov 15, 2016 at 7:41 PM
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    Developer Ermak86 is back with a new release following the recent update of XMB Lock that added the 4.81 CFW Support. Now the developer has released his own Ermak86 [Cobra v7.3] Custom Firmware that includes the Greek XMB language mods that we have seen from this developer in past firmware revision. For our member who speak/read the Greek language they know very well that Sony has never officially supportted the language and for proper support of the language to show up on the XMB the community has to take charge and developer Ermak86 does it once again. Yet again one more example of the hacking/homebrew community filling a void and need left by Sony.. The Cobra port of this firmware is based off the Source Code release of 4.81 Overflow Cobra by Bobby_Downgrades


    • The new Greek custom firmware with Greek XMB is available.. The 4.81 Ermak86 custom firmware supports features Cobra (psp-ps2 emulation etc.) ...! ...

      • Built from 4.81 ofw
      • Cobra v7.3
      • disable ECDSA check
      • Patch LV1 to add peek \ poke
      • Patch LV1 to disable LV2 Protect
      • Patch LV2 to add peek \ poke
      • Rsod bypass
      • Update from any Cfw or 3.55 ofw / cfw
      • Run Games up to 4.81
      • QAFlag enabled
      • Cinavia protection disabled
      • In game screenshot support
      • Remote play support
      • XMB lines (green) added
      • PLAYSTATION_HOME and Install PKG Folders added
      • Greek xmb language

      7.3 cobra source is the same that Bobby_Downgrades shared
      Thanks Bobby_Downgrades for 7.3 payload pack
      Thanks to all scene devs

      Use at your own risk

    Download: 4.81 Ermak86 (Cobra) GREEK XMB
    MD5: 3595521DB2E7E66E0017EE5A00EBAB4D
    Source: via Ermak86​
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 15, 2016.

    1. littlebalup
      Same CoreOS than 4.81 Darknet cobra.
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    2. Derf Jagged
      Derf Jagged
      Also I've uploaded the Greek language pack (with permission) to the MFW Builder page on the devwiki so anyone can add Greek to their CFW/MFW.
    3. denis-k
      Could someone enplane is it possible to install XMB Package Downloader on this CFW?
    4. DeViL303
      It should be ok to install the flash files from Ferrox on this CFW. If your network category is modded you might lose those mods.

      There are 2 steps to installing XMBPD. You must install the HDD files, AND install the correct flash files for your CFW, or the other way around, doesnt matter, but they must both be installed.
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    5. denis-k
      Thanks. It works.

      But I faced the using external NTFS drive. I installed prepNTFS v1.16 then ran it after that ps3 rebooted and WebMAN didn't see my drive.
      Is there a good tutorial for using WebMAN and prepNTFS? Or should I use a special prepNTFS for WebMAN?
    6. Alexander

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