PS3 4.81 Playerkp420 Standard CFW

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By STLcardsWS on Nov 5, 2016 at 1:01 AM
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    We seen playerkp420 release a 4.81 Dualboot firmware a couple of days ago and now the developer is back with 4.81 Playerkp420 - Standard (CEX), in the past as playerkp420 was honing his craft his firmwares focused on stability rather then features. However that approached is changing as the developer is advancing his skills. While a "Standard CEX" CFW it contains some of the "add-ons" such as cinavia protection, removal of startup epilepsy message & removal 7 patched wait for coldboot view sleep, which combined gives this CFW a faster boot time compared to other CFW's. Original Gamboot Animation has been enforced, XMB CFW settings Mod has been added and various features has been placed in this new CFW from Playerkp420/


    • Here is my Standard NON Cobra 4.81 CFW, that I made from scratch from OFW 4.81.
      I have tested on my CECH-2501A and my CECHA01.​

      Features & Patches of 4.81 Playerkp420 (Standard):

      • LV1 & LV2 Peek&Poke
      • Patch core OS Hash check core os for 4.xx // product mode always on to prevent brick from downgraded and not dehashed
      • LV1 to allow mapping of any memory area
      • Skip all ACL Checks
      • Disable System Integrity Check
      • Patch Update Manager to enable QA (if qa flag already set before install, or set flag with 4.xx toggle qa app)
      • Removed ECDSA
      • Install Packages & App/Home
      • [n Game Screenshot
      • ReactPSN ONLINE/OFFLINE, run apps unsigned & more!
      • Disabled epilepsy message
      • Removed and patched wait for coldboot view sleep for turbo boot to XMB.
      • Remote Play & Make Remote Play SFO Flag obsolete.
      • Enforced Original Gameboot Animation.
      • Disable Cinavia Protection
      • Alphabetical sort for game column.
      • Waves & PSN Icons changed.
      • XMB CFW Settings in Network Column. (Rebug Settings options do not work obviously)
      • RSOD Bypass.
      • Can play games that require up to 4.81 keys.
      • Can be installed over any CFW, or OFW 3.55 and lower

      ONLY IF NOR/NAND flash has been patched with a hardware flasher.
      Multiman v4.80.00 works to play PS3 backups in folder format. Make sure BD-Emulator is enabled. If disabled enable it and reboot PS3​

    MD5 = 18D77D7B075A5C73BB97839F79079768
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 5, 2016.

    1. piter
      This MD5 is too short... It should be 18D77D7B075A5C73BB97839F79079768
    2. kozarovv
      Thanks, fixed. @playerkp420 bad md5 is also on PS3HAX (only in news), and on other sites that based on news there (fyi @Checcolino80).
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    3. playerkp420
      Thanks. I will fix it at ps3hax. It seems when it was moved to news, some things got cut. Looks like front page still has issues there.

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    4. Checcolino80
      thanks guys, unfortunately I have not been able to control
    5. 1986panzi1986
      Hi guys. How to remove coldboot by using MFW in this 4.81 CFW. I want to add my own CFW coldboot.

      I know to add coldboot in multiman but i want to add coldboot direct in 4.81 CFW using MFW
    6. pinky
      u can do that with PUAD by @Evilnat .
    7. piter
      Is there any way to make alphabetical sorting for game column more human-friendly? Let's say that we've got installed games: Aaa, Bbb, ccc, Ddd - this CFW will display these titles in following order:
      So not exactly in the order witch user is expecting.
    8. kozarovv
      You mean that CAPITAL letters are shown before small ones, ignoring ABC sorting?
    9. piter
      Yes, exactly.
    10. kozarovv
      And just for sure, you mean psn game/apps or webman games column?
    11. piter
      PSN games/homebrew apps installed from pkg files are affected. As far as I know, Webman has its own sorting.
    12. kozarovv
      So in this case I mention @pinky here for letting him know, as he is one of guys that know "how to".
    13. 1986panzi1986
      thanks will try it asap
    14. DeViL303
      For the record and incase you try at any point. PUAD will only work with standard CFW, won't work with any cobra CFW as far as i know. it breaks cobra features like PS2 due to messing up the hashes or something like that.
    15. pinky
      check my tutorial on alphabetizing. it requires modifying the registory.xml to sort ***PlayStation Store*** and the category_game.xml for dlc/updates.
    16. playerkp420
      How do you make it not sort like this?

      No matter what I try, it always has lower case at the bottom of the list?

    17. pinky
      the +/- is how u sort by ascending/descending. the +/- is in reverse from the rco due to an error on sony's part. it's been like that since I can remember.
    18. playerkp420
      So if you change the +/- in the registory.xml, you leave it the same in the .rco correct? That is what I did but it always puts lower case after Upper case.

      For example, SEN Enabler is named GT Academy. It puts Genesis Plus GX PS3 after it.
    19. pinky
      yes. u can find info on doing that in my ps3 tutorials. I'm not sure about uppercase and lowercase. I haven't looked into that.

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