PS3 4.82 CFW FERROX STANDARD EDITION from Alexander (v1.00)

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By dodero4 on Nov 17, 2017 at 11:56 AM
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    PS3 Firmware update 4.82 hit the other day , which was suspected to close the PS3Xploit,, however it seems a future update will be patching that exploit as 4.82 was a planned update by Sony and did not address the PS3Xploit quite yet, but we expect that to come soon. However for you exciting CFW user's it that time as we wait and see which CFWs and APPs will be updated. While its good to see CFW released, its not advised to jump on those CFW until various apps like manager's and other utilities are updated as well. We have a 4.82 Custom Firmware / Homebrew / Tool thread for all those releases as they become live. Not all apps / Tools. / Homebrew need updates but depending on what resources they use of the system will dictate if said homebrew needs updates. usually its manager's and utilities and also the CFW , First up we have a NEW Standard CFW release by a familiar name developer @Alexander with his FERROX brand of CFW.. Checkout all the details of this CFW release; 4.82 CFW FERROX STANDARD EDITION from Alexander. If you have any issue's/ suggestions / Feedback then drop @Alexander a line in the comments below as the developer is an active patron at psx-place and also his home site



    • 4.82 CFW: FERROX: - Standard CEX (by Alexander)
      • Built from base of 4.82 OFW
      • Can be installed from every CEX CFW and 3.55 OFW
      • QA Flags enabled if already enabled, so there is the possibility to Downgrade to every Fw version
      • ReactPSN Compatibility
      • RSOD Screen Bypass
      • App_home/PS3_GAME
      • XMB In-Game Screenshot
      • Remote Play Compatibility
      • Install Package Files
      • LV1: Patched to remove PS2 LV2 Protection
      • LV1: Patched coreOS Hash Check to prevent Brick non non-Dehashed consoles
      • LV1: Peek & Poke
      • LV2: Peek & Poke
      • Disabled Epilepsy message
      • CINAVIA completely Disabled

    DOWNLOAD : 4.82 FERROX Standard Edition: CLICK HERE!!!
    MD5: c504f8ad56a3fc4d27b1f9101b873554
    UPDATE v1.01: >>>>>>> LINK

    Release Source:
    (thanks to @dodero4 for the alert)
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by dodero4, Nov 17, 2017.

    1. melted
      can someone help me out? whenever i go to 'software update' and do the process, the installer loads to 72% and suddenly says "data corrupt"
    2. Marter Kimb
    3. Darksavior
      I just installed this after using the new 4.82 exploit. I can't get webman working. I install latest webman that supports 4.82 and it just reboots my ps3. Any ideas?
    4. bitsbubba
      this is not a Cobra CFW
    5. Darksavior
      Oh, Ok. I mainly wanted it to adjust fan speeds and whatnot. I'll wait for apps to be updated..
    6. bitsbubba
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    7. oneohthree
      Is there any Mamba ready for 4.82?
    8. bitsbubba
      Just Mamba incorporated into IRISMAN I believe, haven't heard any others
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    9. xiaoyang
    10. LizZo
    11. Bobby_Downgrades
      72% is around the time the update manager checks the update.upl for install info, are you maybe installing the wrong cfw or maybe your blu ray drive is not plugged in or the ribbon may be broken
    12. Alexander
      you are trying to install Ferrox on an Original Firmware. You can not.
    13. priest282
      I cant get bubble .pkg files to work. I "install" the .pkg where it says please wait and then its supposed to create a bubble installer but its not on the xmb anywhere. if i use multiman file browser i can see that its being transferred to the vsh folder everytime i "install" it it creates a new copy of it there but no bubble icon in xmb to extract it, any help thanks
    14. bitsbubba
      ★Package Manager/ ★PlayStation™Network Content
    15. priest282
      Thanks for reply, package manager what is that its not on my xmb only install package files. is it a homebrew app i have to download? thanks
      Edit: I presume u mean they are meant to be on the xmb but all I have with a * is;
      */app_home/PS3_GAME and
      *Install Package Files
      Am I missing what u mentioned? Installed standard ferrox cfw the one in this thread. Also years ago on another cfw it worked it would put a bubble on the xmb but this isnt
      Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
    16. bitsbubba
      check inside file manager in games column
    17. priest282
      this is all i have in games column am i missing something off xmb

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    18. bitsbubba
    19. pinky
      I think bubble games take priority over normal pkgs. yeah, it's probably some sort of bug.

      on rebug, psp bubbles (at least) would appear in the package installer section. you couldn't install them, only copy. I remember this when adrenaline needed a game or a demo in order to work. it was the only way to copy it to the psp to extract its license. that whole process is in my last tutorial in the vita section. always gotta tout those tutorials of mine. :-p
    20. priest282
      Thanks for your help, I've moved to Rebug, works perfect

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