PS3 4.84 FERROX COBRA ( 7.55) CFW by Alexander

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    PS3 Custom Firmware developer @Alexander has now released his 4.84 FERROX COBRA (7.55) CFW adding a new flavor to the 4.84 Custom Firmware mix. This Cobra CFW comes equipped with the latest Cobra 7.55 payload (which should perform like 4.83 FERROX Cobra) and allows for all the usual Cobra (v7.55) CFW features. Some of those features include Plugin Support (like webMAN), as well as ISO Support (Ps1/PS2/PS3/PSP/BD/DVD) are just a few abilities that Cobra adds to a firmware. Also developer Alexander includes an optional MOD Installer for some extra features and eye candy (see tab for more info). For full feature set and details checkout the included (translated) release notes provided​

    if you have any feedback you can find @Alexander at his home site of and also here in our psx-place forums.

    Checkout other 4.84 related releases in this thread here.

    • Features of 4.84 FERROX COBRA (v7.55)
      • Built on the base of OFW 4.84 SONY.
      • PSN / SEN Enabled.
      • Ability to Update from any CFW (CEX).
      • Possibility of Update from OFW 3.55 "And from original firmware 4.82 [PS3Xploit exploit - compatible consoles only]"
      • Possibility of Downgrade from any CFW with active QA Flags.
      • QA Flags active if previously enabled.
      • FEATURE - COBRA Patches 7.55 added
      • FEATURE - New Look of the XMB (See FERROX Mod Installer (next tab)).
      • FEATURE - PS2 Games compatibility.
      • FEATURE - PSP Games compatibility in ISO / Minis / Remaster format.
      • FEATURE - Compatibility with the latest version of ReactPSN.
      • FEATURE - RSOD Screen Bypass for Consoles affected by RSOD.
      • FEATURE - Keys 4.84 to start Games signed with keys 4.84
      • FEATURE - App_home / PS3_GAME.
      • FEATURE - XMB In-Game Screenshot - find the option in the Photos column of the XMB In-Game.
      • FEATURE - Remote Play support.
      • FEATURE - Integrated Package Manager replaces the classic Install Package Files.
      • FEATURE - Addition of Temperature display in XMB In-Game on PS2 Games. Thanks to 3141card.
      • PATCH - LV1: Patch to remove LV2 protection.
      • PATCH - LV1: Patched the coreOS Hash Check to prevent the Brick on a non-Dehashed Downgraded Console.
      • PATCH - LV1: Peek & Poke.
      • PATCH - LV2: Peek & Poke.
      • PATCH - PS3 BT Remote Patch.
      • PATCH - PS3 BluRay Disc Patch.
      • PATCH - Disabled Epilepsy Message at the Boot.
      • PATCH - CINAVIA protection Disabled completely.

    • FERROX Mods Installer

      If you like our Homebrew Store, or the Graphic Mods seen in the FERROX 4.80, this Installer is for you.

      This Installer was created on the basis of the XMBM + Team installer and inside it you will find the possibility to install or uninstall the Mods and the Homebrew Store. The installer was introduced into the Custom Firmware. This means that you will always have it available, without having to use a USB stick

      To install the PKG, simply go to the "Package Manager", and navigate to Install the File Package - Internal Storage of the PS3 system. The installer will always be there, but if you want you can delete it via File Manager from the dev_blind / ferrox / pkg directory.

      Below are some screens:
      HVGU.png I8YX.png I8ZU.png

      Use is really simple, there is not much to explain. You can install the Mods, and you can always reinstall the original files from the installer at any time. Ditto for the Store.

      Below I leave a video demonstration

      Mod Graphics by MiZiO90
      BVYI.png 04HM.png

      CyberModding Homebrew Store
      In addition to the Graphic Mods you see, the installer integrated into the CFW gives us the possibility to install the Cybermodding homebrew Store. I think now all of you Cybermodding users know our store. We have recently added and updated lots of mods for GTAV.

      If you want to take a look at our post on the latest version of the Store, here is the Link: Click HERE!

    Downloads: 4.84 FERROX COBRA (7.55) v1.00 CFW
    MD5: BEEFC45ADD365E6DA5C12976AA802F19

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 2, 2019.

    1. nayt
      thank for your answer, i was followed your advice, but the problem still the same, any other advice ?

      Owh luckily you
      Last edited by a moderator: Jul 10, 2019
    2. Cypher_CG89
      Does your BD Drive work? Can you put a PS3 game disc and it plays? Do any other apps black screen when you try to use them....?
    3. nayt
      i'm sorry, i don't have BD PS3 Games, i just have BD PS4 Games
    4. Coldheart2236
      Do you have any Blu-ray films? To be honest, if you're testing your BD drive then any disc should suffice to perform that test. A DVD, even a CD would determine its functionality or not.
    5. Luisile
      This is only partialy true as ps3 uses a separate laser vor cd/dvd and for BD. I had on my 2004 issue where cd/dvd readig was perfect but no bd reading.
      so he must test al three media to determine if the lasers are wrong.
      Coldheart2236 likes this.
    6. Coldheart2236
      Fair enough, should have realised that to be honest. So to fully test could be a Blu-ray movie, and then a DVD movie (for example).
    7. Luisile
    8. umart666
      if he doesn't have any discs to test then it won't hurt to flash noBD cfw anyway.but it's easier to install any other homebrew or app and if it goes to blackscreen then it's safe to assume something is wrong with blueray drive and next step would be to install noBD cfw.
    9. insanetoker89
      Why would a blank screen mean his BD drive is faulty? He said he just updated ferrox from 4.82 to 4.84 and I'm assuming everything was fine before that?
    10. umart666
      in literally 90 percent of cases blackscreen when launching anything from xmb is due to some form of BD malfunction.and since he doesn't have any discs on hand other than trying with fresh install of any homebrew and/or app easiest and most reliable way of testing BD is to flash noBD cfw and seeing if anything launches.
    11. insanetoker89
      Ok, that makes no sense to me tho. Sometimes I get a blank screen for multiman also, and you know what fixes it? Deleting multiman and webman and reinstalling them. It's always just a corruption in the Homebrew app themselves or a something gone wrong when someone updates cfw. But honestly I don't know anything about how cfw or Homebrew works so just ignore me :)

      Edit: and my BD drive works flawlessly :)
    12. umart666
      your symptoms indicate issues with hdd.he clearly states that he can't launch anything and goes straight to blackscreen,when booting content ps3 does a drive/disc check,if it has issues it gets stuck at blackscreen.
    13. nayt
      No i don't have any BD films, only BD PS4 disk i have. Okay i will try with dvd
      Last edited: Jul 10, 2019
    14. nayt
      Ok thank you for your advice, so i need to install noBD cfw ?
    15. nayt
      Yes you're correct, before update my ps3 cfw was fine
      insanetoker89 likes this.
    16. umart666
      there's no harm in doing it,if your bd is fine you can simply flash regular cfw back.
      nayt likes this.
    17. insanetoker89
      No, you don't need to install noBD cfw unless your drive is really the problem. Try deleting multiman completely and reinstall it. If the problem is still there and all other Homebrew give a blank screen then trying downgrading back to 4.82 and see if they work then.
      nayt likes this.
    18. umart666
      to go back to 4.82 cfw you need to QA flag your console,that's including at least couple of fw reinstalls,it definetly easier just to flash nobd cfw once to test,but yes,installing an app to check if it goes to blackscreen is the easiest way.
    19. insanetoker89
      A couple of fw reinstalls? And I thought I didn't know anything lol
    20. umart666
      first time you need to do all rogero downgrader route to be able to enable it,it's not just turning the setting in rebug toolbox.also,this is ferrox thread,so it's safe to assume that he doesn't have rebug anyway.

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