PS3 4.84 OFW Released - Beware do not update

Discussion in 'General PS3 Discussion' started by jcorrea, Feb 13, 2019.

By jcorrea on Feb 13, 2019 at 9:37 PM
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    PlayStation 3 had an official firmware update released with the drop of system update 4.84. Below i provided a small chart for people on other firmwares and their hacks. Currently it unknown what prompted the update, could of been a simple maintenance update, which what appears to be the case on initial inspections. Could the update have something to do with PS Plus free games ending on the service? Very well could be but that is speculation at this point. PSX-Place will keep you updated of all the changes this update brings. The update has not patched the recent StoreHaxx release which is not something most will use as its simply an IDPS dumper currently (w/ other potentials possiable). Even on 4.83 and looking to exploit, you may want to wait to update until devs in this thread mainly @bguerville and @esc0rtd3w give the okay.

    Checkout this thread for FUTURE 4.84 releated released.


    • From PS3FWBot on twitter:
      "14/02/2019 03:10 CET: Sony pushed new PS3 FW 4.8400. Previous FW was 4.8300"

      • 4.82 HAN user's do not update
      • 4.83 and lower CFW user's do not update. (until a 4.84 CFW is released)
      • User waiting for 4.83 progress, do not update
      • Consoles that are not exploited but on 4.82 and lower do not update (If you want to exploit it)

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Discussion in 'General PS3 Discussion' started by jcorrea, Feb 13, 2019.

    1. NoTaBaDPiLoT
      No My Internet Speed Is 20KB Per Second
    2. Cypher_CG89
      20KB per sec???? I would be having words with my ISP about that. That's like dial up speeds... we are not in the dark era of tech now.
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    3. esc0rtd3w
      installed and booted fine on 2501A :cool:

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    4. Bobby_Downgrades

      The firmware install is not related to the version in the dev_flash, the syscon manages the version applicability for firmware update.
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    5. n00b
      Will it work on ofw?
      Pl dont mind my stupid question
    6. bitsbubba
    7. Cypher_CG89
      Look 2 posts above yours.... a dev has said it works fine on cfw as this is A DB CFW and is not for HAN. its like CFW in stealth mode...

      EDIT: FFS this the second time it has cut off some of what am typing after I have posted....WTF?
      EDIT 2: Now adding quote's and post's that i have already made?? Seriously WTAF??? FFS...
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    8. bitsbubba
      he asked if it would work on OFW and that's a nope
    9. Cypher_CG89
      I know that lol.

      Look again at my edited post lol..... I am getting vexted... first I have and ad banner in my way on the bottom of my screen = enable ad block on chrome >sorted no more ads anywhere. Now what I have edited with my post with in issues lol
    10. STLcardsWS
      Added to 4.84 list

      Will write seperate news for it tommarrow

      Thanks :)
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    11. esc0rtd3w
      thanks to @littlebalup for posting the 1st 4.84 DBOFW!

      i tried this, then i needed to get back to Rebug 4.82 for testing lol

      anyways i made this PUP of Rebug 4.82.2 REX with syscon spoofed to 4.84

      it installs over the 4.84 DBOFW without issue. just figured i would post it for anyone else that wanted to use it


      EDIT: damn! didnt realize there were so many 4.84 CFW already lol

      nice job guys :)
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    12. dquestagod
      Wonder if some one could make a pdanet mod for I can use my phones unlimited data on my ps3. Thanks for the firmware It sounds like awesomeness.
    13. Cypher_CG89
      Very handy for REBUG CEX users.

      DEX still has PSN access without using SEN. @Bloodmoons366466 you where asking if this still works in DEX. (with REBUG Mode on)

      Use your phone's portable hotspot and connect your PS3 to that. Lowest bandwidth you can use for gaming is 3G. 4G is just like using home broadband. It will work.
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    14. lmn7
      Right that makes more sense, don't know why I didn't think about that. Too bad.
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    15. dquestagod

      The only problem is that my plan doesn't have hotspot activated so the only thing im using is pdanet on unlimited data plan tethered threw my laptop and sharing my connection on Ethernet cable. to ps3.
    16. Cypher_CG89
      Now am confused, mobile portable wifi hotspot is part of your phone not a plan or contract, basically you can use your phone like a router and share its internet connection with multiple devices. if you can share your connection the way you are then you should be able to share it directly through the phones WiFi.....

      If you don't mind me asking what network is this? They shouldn't be able to stop you using your phones built in hotspot to do this but allow you to do it a complicated way. even pay as you go tariffs allow it. Though I don't even know what country your in lol.
    17. nejc780
      I am new to this forum and also ps3 consoles. (to all consoles generaly) recently got ps3 slim (for free) and afcourse as a noob didnt saw a reason not to update to 4.84 update (i was going to jailbreak it.). then i looked on internet what it even does... MAN there was a lot of warnings not to -.- .. Am i screwed or ? do i just have to wait for 4.84 CFW if there even will be one ?. And also i see few posts up there is some 4.84 dualboot CFW .. Is that it ? can i install it ? if so how :D ?
      Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
    18. Cypher_CG89
      Depends what the model PS3 Slim it is, not all of them are jailbreakable.

      CECH2??? and the date code?

      Your PS3 won't even use a CFW PUP file without patching the flash so its pointless to try.

      Because of this FW update and the last one only using a hardware flasher can jailbreak them, downgrading them or wait for a NoFSM patch to come out so you can install CFW directly after patching the flash so there would be no need to downgrade. But as the update has just been released dev's need time to make research and make the necessary changes and updates.

      I would personally wait for the NoFSM patch, if there is going to be one. Some dev's have been very quick off the march to update things. At the minute nothing is clear as I said the update has only just been released, but you can at least research to see if your PS3 is CFW compatible while waiting.
    19. dquestagod
      In the us and metropcs is carrier they block it on my plan i would have to upgrade but i can force hotspot on it on but it does not let me get internet that way. So i use pdanet for tethering to laptop then to router from Ethernet cable. Using every bit of that unlimited data.the only way i can if another wifi program is introduced to ps3 like pdanet. wifi direct mode. Has to be some files that works with marlin that has to be rewritten to let me use that mode.
    20. dquestagod
      esc0rtd3w will this 4.82.2 spoof firmware work online ?

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