PS3 4.84 OFW Released - Beware do not update

Discussion in 'General PS3 Discussion' started by jcorrea, Feb 13, 2019.

By jcorrea on Feb 13, 2019 at 9:37 PM
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    PlayStation 3 had an official firmware update released with the drop of system update 4.84. Below i provided a small chart for people on other firmwares and their hacks. Currently it unknown what prompted the update, could of been a simple maintenance update, which what appears to be the case on initial inspections. Could the update have something to do with PS Plus free games ending on the service? Very well could be but that is speculation at this point. PSX-Place will keep you updated of all the changes this update brings. The update has not patched the recent StoreHaxx release which is not something most will use as its simply an IDPS dumper currently (w/ other potentials possiable). Even on 4.83 and looking to exploit, you may want to wait to update until devs in this thread mainly @bguerville and @esc0rtd3w give the okay.

    Checkout this thread for FUTURE 4.84 releated released.


    • From PS3FWBot on twitter:
      "14/02/2019 03:10 CET: Sony pushed new PS3 FW 4.8400. Previous FW was 4.8300"

      • 4.82 HAN user's do not update
      • 4.83 and lower CFW user's do not update. (until a 4.84 CFW is released)
      • User waiting for 4.83 progress, do not update
      • Consoles that are not exploited but on 4.82 and lower do not update (If you want to exploit it)

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Discussion in 'General PS3 Discussion' started by jcorrea, Feb 13, 2019.

    1. Killer Bunny
      Killer Bunny
      Lol why are you getting serious? I thought that if I troll people they will stop putting these "I accidentally updated" comments
    2. STLcardsWS
      I guess you choose for me to do it for you. (bad choice)
      You are just as annoying as anyone would be asking those question, actually more so... Then you take a post one by one to reply to each on those post that responded in your admitted trolling.

      Also the response are annoying as well. Did we really need anyone to say anything after the first person did. FFS some of your please grow up or do not plan on posting here. Takes a level of maturity to have posting privileges.
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    3. Lordzed2007
      FW 4.82 Proxy Bypass 4.83/4.84

      Update "updatelist.txt"
      # UK
      And have fun,tested it today and it works

      Also Keep in mind , use wired connection between pc router and the console for this to work.

      Cya in the game
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    4. psykosis

      Did you know: You can change system software version to 0.00 and it still works?
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    5. Lordzed2007
      didnt tried that :D good to know :D
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    6. psykosis
      I can't say I personally discovered it, but I noticed it when I was working on a ps3 proxy. 4.82 & 0.00 work perfect and i've noticed no difference. It modifies the response given from the server to the ps3, hence why you would lower the version number, rather than raising it.

      I don't think it would ADD any risk, or take any away. I believe it to be the same, but if someone more knowlegeable than me wants to chime in on that, i'd be more than happy to listen.
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    7. eslamsoka
      package manger is missing after system rest in my ofw 4.83
    8. psykosis
      Don't derail threads.

      FYI - You updated to OFW lost your jailbreak. Enjoy OFW
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    9. Cypher_CG89
      Another " accident " `\:confused:/` Probably the cat this time.... :-p:D
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    10. eslamsoka
      no not accident i updated frome ofw 4.82 to 4.83 but all was fine and after id do system rest the package manger was missing..can any one help ?
    11. psykosis
      that update to 4.83 took away your package manager and no way currently to get back.
      and before you ask, no idea when a release will be, and it may be quite a bit before you see any progress....
    12. ISAK.M
      These "mistakes" and "can anyone help" "ASAP!!!" now again... people should really read more. :rolleyes:
      EDIT: Use a downgrader if you wanna get back on CFW. Post your console model and we'll help you out.
    13. Louis Garry
      Louis Garry
      Master, if han toolbox has been installed, update 4.84 via the internet, can it still enable debug package?

      Thank you.
    14. DeViL303
      No, No xploits will work on 4.84 webkit. If you really still have HAN Toolbox on your XMB on OFW 4.84 then all that will work is the wallpaper downloader, theme downloader, and demo downloader. None of the web xploits will work.

      The only possible way to have HAN Toolbox still on your XMB while on 4.84 OFW is if you installed the 4.83 patch PUP update from 4.82, and then from 4.83 you installed the 4.84 patch pup update, I would say there are not many people if anyone who ended up in this situation unless they did it on purpose.
      Last edited: Feb 27, 2019
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    15. Louis Garry
      Louis Garry
      Oke thank you master.
    16. Killer Bunny
      Killer Bunny
      I just wanted to help you and you responded by banning me. Thanks for that!!! WHEN THE F%$# DID I CHOOSE TO GET BANNED BY YOU???? Even in the reason for the ban, you wrote,"I guess you want me to do it". When you said that trolling.people is annoying, I did not type a single message after that. BUT STILL YOU BANNED ME!!! IF I AM AS ANNOYING AS THE PEOPLE WHO SAY THAT THEY HAVE ACCIDENTALLY UPDATED, WHY DONT YOU BAN THEM???? I thought that if I troll them, they wont post such nonsense questions again. You guys already have a lot of work. I thought that I should help you in some way. It would reduce some of your work. I hope you wont ban me for posting this message. If you have something personal against me, please tell me.
    17. jcorrea
      Will package installer still be there if I update? I just don't want to loose that feature, because I intend to install retail packages on future.
    18. DeViL303
      I am not 100% sure as I have not tried it.

      But I think, If you use the 4.83 patch PUP to go from 4.82 to 4.83 , then use the 4.84 patch pup to go from 4.83 to 4.84, then you will still have the Package Manager and even partially working HAN Toolbox like I said above, even the file explorer/delete would still work. :)

      I also have not tried installing patch pups from USB, but I think it will work. You will need to be able to install them from USB as if you try update over internet you will get the full 4.84 PUP.

      If you find its not possible to install patch PUPs from USB, as a last resort, it might be possible to use a proxy and redirect to the 4.83 patch when it tries to download the 4.84 patch...

      If it works out and you end up with a modded XMB on 4.84 OFW let us know :)

      Before updating to 4.83, You might want to unpack the 4.84 patch pup and make sure it doesn't contain the category_game.xml , to be sure it will leave you with your custom items after install.

      If the category xmls are in the 4.84 patch pup, then you are out of luck...
      Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
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    19. psykosis
      if @STLcardsWS wants to ban you, he will ban you.
      Complaining about it, and trying to "give him the business" will only make your life here less pleasurable.
    20. aldostools
      Please, read the 7th commandment:

      7.) No childish behavior (Don't be an annoyance or child-like)
      • Post will be removed and/or your posting abilities will be revoked.

      It's clearly stated in the site rules:

      BTW Trolling = childish behavior. In this case, it's better to apologize and keep a low profile for a while ;)

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