PS3 4.84 OFW Released - Beware do not update

Discussion in 'General PS3 Discussion' started by jcorrea, Feb 13, 2019.

By jcorrea on Feb 13, 2019 at 9:37 PM
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    PlayStation 3 had an official firmware update released with the drop of system update 4.84. Below i provided a small chart for people on other firmwares and their hacks. Currently it unknown what prompted the update, could of been a simple maintenance update, which what appears to be the case on initial inspections. Could the update have something to do with PS Plus free games ending on the service? Very well could be but that is speculation at this point. PSX-Place will keep you updated of all the changes this update brings. The update has not patched the recent StoreHaxx release which is not something most will use as its simply an IDPS dumper currently (w/ other potentials possiable). Even on 4.83 and looking to exploit, you may want to wait to update until devs in this thread mainly @bguerville and @esc0rtd3w give the okay.

    Checkout this thread for FUTURE 4.84 releated released.


    • From PS3FWBot on twitter:
      "14/02/2019 03:10 CET: Sony pushed new PS3 FW 4.8400. Previous FW was 4.8300"

      • 4.82 HAN user's do not update
      • 4.83 and lower CFW user's do not update. (until a 4.84 CFW is released)
      • User waiting for 4.83 progress, do not update
      • Consoles that are not exploited but on 4.82 and lower do not update (If you want to exploit it)

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Discussion in 'General PS3 Discussion' started by jcorrea, Feb 13, 2019.

    1. Niander466
      will it work? has been tested ??
    2. DeViL303
      See my #98. I havnt tested it but I think it will work. Just need to check if the 4.84 patch pup contains category_game.xml. I doubt it does. Then make sure to only use patch pups after 4.82 and XMB mods should stay.

      Just so everyone is clear, HAN xploits will not work if you do this. Its just that the Toolbox and package manager will still be on the XMB with these features still working:
      • File explorer with delete
      • wallpaper Downloader
      • Theme Downloader
      • Demo Downloader
      • package linker would still work for retail signed packages afaik (untested) but you would have no way to change pkg list after updating to 4.84 :)
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    3. esc0rtd3w
      as a general rule, NO!'

      but there is a but...

      @citra mulia mentioned this method (not for the faint-hearted!)

      props to him for testing

      Swap HDD technique:

      1. Position OFW 4.82, install the HAN support files.
      2. Replace 4 files from 4.84: vsh.self, index.dat, version.txt and in /dev_flash/sys/internal/sys_init_osd.self
      (In this stage the PS3 will not boot (enter Safe Mode).
      3. Swap with another HDD, install OFW 4.84, with the purpose of coreOS changing to 4.84.
      4. Swap the HDD again with "HAN support files" installed

      This technique does not work in NAND consoles and super slim eMMC.

      although i have not confirmed this, it seems viable, albeit not much use for MOST people, as it requires using exploit to copy files to flash using modified tools

      but cool trick, nontheless :cool:

      EDIT: @DeViL303 covered this topic pretty well already also
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    4. arcadekidflo
      I don't understand , this will allow package install on 4.84 ?
    5. DeViL303
      Retail untouched package should install, like the demos in HAN Toolbox for example.
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    6. STLcardsWS
      See ya on Monday, hopefully with a better attitude.

      Just have to respect my decisions and rules. This is not a debate.

      Nothing against you personally. I am just fed up with annoyances.
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    7. Cypher_CG89
      That's pretty good trick to use....
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    8. esc0rtd3w
      @citra mulia

      these are only useful in your scenario or a testing scenario using the 4.82 silk_webkit.sprx

      ...but if you would like to test some v3 stuff, here are the 4.84 VSH offsets you can use to test. these are only valid for v3 based tools, you can just swap them or add 4.84 to or bypass user agent check in JS.

      if interested, you can find these yourself, as they were all found in IDA by comparing gadgets in VSH ELF from 4.82 and lower to match PPC instructions

      4.83 and 4.84 VSH offsets are identical

      there won't be any support, as we have moved on from v3 as a base, but all of the v3 tools are on GitHub and PS3Xploit site that can be modified with new offsets if you wish

      report back any interesting findings :-p

      EDIT: probably posted this in the wrong spot...i just started typing lol :rolleyes:
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    9. Mr_Dobalina
      New around here and just trying to simply play some nintendo games on my PS3./ From what II've read, I need to jailbreak it so I've tried using this website, but I'm having some issues. I am still running 4.74 version on a PS3 CECH 4001C. When I go to on my PS3 internet browser and click on the HAN Installer, I get a notification that says my firmware is not compatible since its not 4.81+. I've tried updating to the 4.81 firmware, but when I put the flash drive in my PS3 and attempt to update via the flash drive, my PS3 won't recognize any files/folders. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
    10. lmn7
      You can't jailbreak that model, the only thing you can currently use is HAN (which you were trying to install anyway). Make sure your USB is compatible with the PS3, then put the 4.82 update file on it in PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP. Update via storage media, NOT the internet, and make sure it's 4.82. Then you can proceed to follow the tutorials on this site to install HAN.
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    11. esc0rtd3w
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    12. citra mulia
      citra mulia
      Thank you @esc0rtd3w, I will try it.
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    13. Mr_Dobalina
      Thanks for the response. It is still saying "No applicable update data was found". It's definitely recognizing the USB (when I select it through the video area and press triangle it pulls up), but not recognizing the PS3UPDAT.PUP file when I attempt to update via Storage Media. I formatted the USB to be Fat 32, but still no luck. :-(
    14. DeViL303
      I'm guessing you are not on 4.74 as that version doesn't exist :) I'm guessing you are actually on 4.84 OFW, and this is why you can't install 4.82 OFW, you can only go up not down.. There is no solution for a superslim on 4.84...maybe some day.
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    15. citra mulia
      citra mulia
      Works very well, can play online. thank you @esc0rtd3w

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    16. Niander466
      a doubt, if the console have some error in the future and ask to reinstall the firmware it will require the 4.84 right? would that be a firmware modified to 4.82? and if it requires the original 4.84 I lose the HAN?
      Forgive my English.
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    17. Niander466
      How can I unpack the pups?
    18. sandungas
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    19. Niander466
    20. amirzaim
      Modified OFW...pretty damn genius but risky move.
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