PS1 A new Homebrew Game for SNES CD-ROM (Nintendo PlayStation) + Ben Heck's Prototype Teardown Video

Discussion in 'PS1 News' started by kozarovv, Jul 17, 2016.

By kozarovv on Jul 17, 2016 at 2:51 AM
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    By now most in the community know the history of the Nintendo PlayStation (the prototype CD Add-on for the SNES) and how the relationship went sour between Sony and Nintendo and thus lead to Sony going on their own and creating the iconic Sony PlayStation we now know as today . This week there has been several unrelated pieces of news for the Nintendo PlayStation (kind of a big deal as we do not hear much about this system due to its rarity and the fact it was never in production. If it had it might of changed gaming history as we know it today. Would there be a Sony PlayStation 4 now, or would it of been the Nintendo PlayStation 4. What kind of handheld would we of seen if the two stayed together or would they bound to split at some point?


    The first piece of news, while we have seen a few teardown pics of the Nintendo PlayStation, Hardware guru Ben Heck gets his hands on the prototype for a teardown video. So, you can view some great insight on the components used in the console from an expert everyone respects. Part 1 was just released a couple of days ago, so we should be seeing additional parts next week and we will be sure to update this article when new video arise.

    Now this piece of news is more toward the software side, as homebrew developers have created a very good looking homebrew game for the Nintendo PlayStation called Super Boss Gaiden which was released just earlier this week.. You may be thinking what kind of emulator runs a Nintendo PlayStation game? In this case its no$sns v1.6 which was updated in March (2016) to suppoer SNES-CD, However you will need to track down the BIOS (that recently surfaced on the internet as well) Which i can not directly link you to the bios but i believe there is a resource here, that may help in tracking it down. View additional details in the tabs below


    • Don't worry about malware warning they mentioning, is clean. Going there and just downloading emulator is safe //kozarovv

      Super GBoss.PNG 3.PNG
      Super GBoss2.PNG

    • UPDATE (July 25): See New article as Video 2 has been released.
      Click HERE to view the full episode (Video 1 & 2)


    Sources: / YouTube (Ben Heck)
    Thanks to @kozarov for the news alert​
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Discussion in 'PS1 News' started by kozarovv, Jul 17, 2016.

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      Haha i was about to write this up as news (now both) (not above but below )

      video removed as its in the news now

      Edit: Merged into one news story and added to front page.
      Thanks for the Super Gaiden Boss news :) ..
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      Super Boss Gaiden - Would of been a hit as a commercial game. It looks very impressive. I added a few screenshots from the video. Especially when you compare it to some of the games in it time. . How far will development go on the Nintendo PlayStation? I guess the question to ask these developer's involved is how easily was it to program this game.

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