PS3 A Preview of the NEW XMBPD by DeViL303 [PS3 XMB Intergrated Homebrew Store]

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By STLcardsWS on Sep 20, 2016 at 7:46 PM
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    As we seen the first homebrew store make its way to the Vita with the release of VPK Mirror Installer , A PS3 Homebrew Store has a huge new update coming soon, as developer DeViL303 announces today here on the forums. This new version of XMBPD when released will utilizes the "pkg handling commands" that were added in "webMAN MOD v1.43.31+" . Using this new method in XMBPD will offer fixes, that will eliminate various limitations presented in the current releases of the XMB integrated Homebrew Store. Where as the old method that was based on the "xil system" would cause issues such as a Required PSN Account, Various Region Issues, Banned Account issues and. additional issues as explained in the announcement from the developer himself.


    • XMBPD -Preview
      This "new" XMB mod I'm working on will be a replacement/evolution of XMBPD when its completed. It should be much better all round. This mod will look and behave similar to the original XMBPD, but will be built differently to the original as I wont be using the xil system which was a bit of a PITA to work with.

      BIG thanks to @mysis, @bguerville and @aldostools for the work they have done on the pkg handling commands and then for integrating them into webMAN MOD. Without those guys this wouldnt be possible, Due to their work this new downloader mod should be compatible with all CFW capable of running WMM and it will not suffer from some of the problems the first version had, Such as:
      • It will not be FW specific anymore.
      • It will not require any PSN account.
      • It will work on banned consoles
      • Region wont be an issue anymore.
      • It will be much easier for me to add packages and categories and generally maintain.
      • It will be possible to use this to download file types other than packages.
      • The background download feature will be available.

      I have the basic structure done, icons, category templates etc, so now I can add/remove categories and packages relatively easily. Also I have the update function working now, Thanks to aldostools for the extra help with the xml renaming code he added to WMM. At the moment this mod is all contained in one XML which makes it easy for me to update and work on, but I might break it down into smaller XMLs in the future.

    • There are a few things I would like help with from the community if possible:
      • Some of the packages I included in the last version are now obsolete and I wasn't aware, I don't know about every homebrew and don't really have time to research them all and see what is worth including now in late 2016, so I would like suggestions here for what to include/exclude.
      • Then I have the problem of non working No-PSN packages, I cant test them all as for some of them you need accounts and to be in other countries etc, so I would like people to let me know of confirmed working No-PSN packages with links if possible so i can grab the package. Im not adding any unless they are confirmed working.
      • And then there was all the homebrew games I added that turned out to be signed for 3.41/3.55. I don't mind including homebrew games, but their devs will have to make them compatible with newer FWs as Im not catering for 3.55 FW at all. Im also not going to get into locating and resigning packages that don't work and testing them etc myself, as I don't have enough time for that tbh, I can add homebrew games though if there are any confirmed working on newer FW.
      • Also about updates to apps, If there is a news story on here about a new app or an update or I notice a comment about it somewhere then I will add it, but would like tips/links from people when new apps or updates are out on other sites or ones are not mentioned here as I don't have time to follow every dev all the time so I am bound to miss some.
      • I would also welcome suggestions for the layout/names of the categories if anyone has any ideas for changes/additions?

    • Checkout Screenshots & Latest Progress in the Official Announcement Thread:


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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 20, 2016.

    1. MHAF99
      Nice news and thumbs up for all your work devil :devil:
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    2. atreyu187
      I got quiet a few homebrew games I resigned for 4.21+ once I get my connect on back home I'll up them for you.
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    3. bguerville
      What could be done here is keep a listing of the releases you have that need resigned.
      From there, some people will probably contribute any resigned version they may have to complete your list...
      Unless atreyu187 provides everything you are looking for .. [emoji6]
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    4. DeViL303
      Well I don't have a list I want resigned per say, but Im open to suggestions. The ones I had before were just random games from brewology but they all turned out to be for 3.41/3.55 apart from flappy birds family.

      For example if I knew what the top 20 homebrew PS3 games people wanted were...then I would gladly add them all in their own section within the downloader if I had the packages.

      So I suppose I need to know what are in peoples top 20 and work from there..

      What would you like to see included?
      Last edited: Sep 21, 2016
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    5. Derf321
      Hey DeViL! Awesome work, I'm definitely going to download this tonight! Do you mirror these all yourself or just provide a download link to the source download? I was also curious, would you be able to support downloading plugins with this (sprx)? For example, PS3XPAD is a popular plugin that could be added.

      For a list of apps that work on the newest firmware (in 2016), see the PS3 Homebrew Wiki. I'll add XMBPD soon, I had issues with the old version but it sounds like it's good now ;)
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    6. DeViL303
      I havnt quite got a release ready yet but will do soon, it will only be a test release though as there is still an issue with the pkg handling code being slightly unstable.

      I am hosting the files on dedicated server so they should always be available and space/bandwidth shouldn't be a problem.

      Yes I can add sprx files. I am considering adding a dedicated section in the future but not in the first release. See the source thread for more info on some of things im considering adding.
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    7. tonybologna
      This sounds really really nice. I like all the new stuff for the program DeViL303. Thanks!
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    8. Derf321
      Ah, I didn't see the source thread. That's awesome man! The icons look great by the way, can't wait for full release! Also, for emulators I suggest adding the ones (aside from MAME and SCUMMVM) from here, which aren't covered by RetroArch.

      Keep up the good work, and thanks for updating such an awesome app!
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    9. DeViL303
      Thanks guys.
    10. bguerville
      About sprx files, of course they can be downloaded & placed anywhere on /dev_hdd0, however anything being placed on /dev_blind remains problematic.
      To begin with it would require /dev_blind to be enabled before launching the download unless Aldo adds a download path check & enables writing to /dev_flash automatically, finally if enabling /dev_blind is done automatically, the command should also disable it after copying, that may be an issue with yet another workaround at least until we get callbacks working..
    11. DeViL303
      Yeah I was thinking of just making it so the user must enable Dev_blind manually as it seemed like a simple solution that doesn't require any more changes, and it kind of adds an extra layer of safety as it requires an extra step before writing to flash.
    12. bguerville
      Just a thought.
      u could start a Top20 thread, you would get your answers soon enough I think.
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    13. pinky
      the vita has an added level of security to enable read/write access to the important partitions of the system unless u use vita rw. it's a good idea to keep that separate by forcing an enabling of dev_blind. afaik, the only important files r the vsh.self and the core OS with the emer_init.self (the recovery menu) being something that shouldn't be messed with unless u have a way to flash the system. :)
    14. bguerville
      Writing to /dev_blind should be avoided as much as possible, that much is clear.
      Plugins should be installed on /dev_hdd0 as a general rule...
      Rebug broke this rule & that is fine except for webftp_server.sprx which requires regular updates & imo should be located on /dev_hdd0 because of that.
      On my systems, I load webftp_server.sprx with Cobra & do not use the Rebug way.
    15. pinky
      true, but as long as the patch(es) r known it shouldn't cause problems. the 360 sorta has a recovery menu if fully hacked via xell/xellous. however, fakeanim requires a deletion or renaming (what I recommend) of the bootanim.xex to allow fakeanim to work. if u don't delete or rename the file, the fakeanim and bootanim will both play. :more 360 info. :-p
    16. DeViL303
      I have released a test build HERE to get some feedback.
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