A story of disappointment... And redemption

Discussion in 'General PS3 Discussion' started by kadorna2, Jan 22, 2019.

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    So about 2 months ago my beloved day 1 flashed CECHA fatty finally bit the dust. It was sitting in the TV rack for the better part of a whole year because the damn thing was so loud the neighborhood knew when i turned it on, and even with the fan blasting at 100% it still managed to shut down because of overheating. I knew the thermal compound under the IHS had dried long ago. But I couldn't find anyone with enough balls to delid the CPU and apply new thermal paste. Then browsing youtube I found this video

    Towards the end of the vid the guy showed how easy it was to delid both RSX and CPU when using the "appropriate" tools. I said "appropriate" because he actually used a sanded down painters knife and managed to remove the IHS in less than a minute. I figured I could do it too, worst case scenario the console dies but it also was non usable due to overheating. Ordered some tools, thermal compound and thermal adhesive... and then figured out I'd better get the console IDs just in case it broke. When I turned the console on to get them, I was greeted by the dreaded green light of death. The console did nothing but beep, couldn't even turn it off without cutting power to it. Needless to say I was pretty sad. But figured that I couldn't F%$# it up worse that it already is. Cancelled all the orders and tried to delid the CPU using a box cutter. It was a pretty bad idea, the cpu ended wirh some scratches. If it was fixable before now it's just for parts. Bummer.

    Fast forward to yesterday, saw an ad on facebook. Some guy was selling/trading his slim ps3 for cash or some ps4 games. Contacted him, offered 7 pretty old ps4 games (ratchet and clank, knack 1 and 2, gran turismo sport, doom, until dawn and a sealed copy of the evil within 2 I got for dirt cheap and wasn't planning on playing anyway), the guy said yes. Sweet! Then I asked:
    -what model is it?
    -what manufacturing date does it show at the bottom?
    -July 2010
    -what firmware is it currently running?

    And just picked it up. Going home to hack the shit out of this thing.

    That's the story of how I ended with a 3.40 base slim to replace my dead glossy black beast.


    It's slightly beaten but I don't really care, if it works properly it's all fine with me.

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