PS VITA / PS TV Adrenaline Version 6.8 updated by TheFloW - Now Supports h-encore 2.0

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By Roxanne on Feb 23, 2019 at 1:55 PM
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    With the release of h-encore 2.0 by TheFloW, the PlayStation Vita shines more and more into a strong and powerful Gaming Device by keeping the capability of using Homebrews and other cool Stuff while staying nearby on the newest System Firmware released by Sony. Together with his Release from Modoru, which allows you to Downgrade your PlayStation Vita to a lower System Firmware, Developer TheFloW won't stop here. Since his Homebrew Applications were already known before for older Exploits and Firmwares, it was just a Question of Time when his Adrenaline Application gets updated to the newest "Family of Vita Homebrew" as well. In case you ask what Adrenaline exactly is, it allows you to modify the internal PSP Emulator on your Vita which will give you full access to it, including the famous XMB-Menu. But of course your question would be, why you need this Application? Well, the answer is simple here. While the Vita supports many "PSP Classics", the internal Emulator used by Sony isn't perfect, which can lead to Games, not compatible with your Vita. But with Adrenaline, you are able to fix those mentioned problems by giving a better support for your PSP Games and especially for older PS1 Game Titles.​

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    • Changelog v6.4
      • Added ability to fast forward in PS1 games by pressing L+SELECT.
      • Fixed double launch bug when using without enso. You need to add the kernel module to config to do so.

      Changelog v6.5
      • Added updated inferno driver by codestation which improves performance of CSO reading.
      • Added option to choose USB device.
      • Added xmc0: option.
      • Fixed stupid mistake that made DJ max portable 1 crash. Install it again, because this has been added post-release.
      • Fixed little bug in msfs.
      • Removed savestate version restriction, old savestates will not disappear anymore.

      Changelog v6.6
      • Fixed bug from previous update that caused black screen in other DJ max games.
      • Inferno driver was not included correcty, now it is.
      • Tekken 6 can now be played with any CPU speed.

      Changelog v6.7
      • Added support for PS1 multiplayer on PS Vita using an upcoming DS3/DS4 plugin.

      Changelog v6.8
      • Added sharp bilinear without scanlines filter. Thanks to rsn8887.
      • Fixed PS1 slowdowns. Thanks to rsn8887.
      • Fixed compatiblity with h-encore 2.0.
      • Fixed compatiblity with udcd_uvc.skprx plugin.

    Source: Version 6.8
    General Info: GitHub
    Twitter: @theflow0
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by Roxanne, Feb 23, 2019.

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