PS3 Artemis PS3 ( Cheating system updated with 4.85 CFW Support & New Features added

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By bucanero on Jan 5, 2020 at 9:30 AM
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    Developer @dnawrkshp originally ported Lazy Bastards's Artemis to the PS3. The PlayStation 3 port is a cheating system for applying cheat to games utilized on CFW/HEN enabled console's that also comes with a companion plugin (sprx) for additional functionality. @bucanero who you may recall is the developer who ported PKGi recently to the PS3. has now turned attention to updating Artemis-PS3 for 4.85 use and the developer has added two new features to go along. First, we have an Online Cheat Database that will allow you keep your cheats up to date with a simple online download and also a Local Database Update feature has also been incorporated into the system. Also a shoutout to @Berion who's designs still looks great in the GUI :) .


    • games.png cheats.png


      As a little side project, I've forked Artemis PS3 and added the following network features:
      • Online Cheat Database: access to the latest cheats for over +2300 games online.
      • Local Database Update: download and update your local cheat database with the latest codes.

      on the UI, these are the new features available:
      • Added Online DB option (main menu)
      • Added Update local cheats (options menu)
      • Added :but l1:/:but r1: triggers to improve game list browsing
      • Added user confirmation dialog when unloading the plugin ( :but square: on the main menu)
      • Added exit to XMB without changes ( :but cir: on the main menu)

      I've also updated the MAMBA payloads (PRX Loader 4.84.2), and included the Artemis sprx plugin from vr5 (by @haxxxen ).

      Find more information at

      Submitting cheat codes to the online database

      To share new games and cheat codes with the community:
      1. Fork the repository and add your changes to this folder.
      2. Submit a pull request so the updated cheats are available to every Artemis user.

      Source code available on GitHub

    • ArtemisPS3
      An Open Source Playstation 3 Hacking System created under the Project Artemis initiative (​

      Your PS3 must be running CFW 3.55 or above (DEX and CEX supported)!

      Installing Artemis PS3

      Installing cheat codes

      • Choose between installing the .ncl file on a flash drive or in the Artemis installation directory
      • For the flash drive make a new folder on the root called USERLIST
      • Inside the folder place any .ncl files inside it
      • Insert the usb drive into the right usb slot of your PS3 and launch Artemis PS3
      • For the installation directory method launch an FTP server on your PS3 (multiman)
      • Navigate to /dev_hdd0/game/ARTPS3001/USRDIR/USERLIST/
      • Place any .ncl files inside the folder and launch Artemis PS3

      Using Artemis

      • Launch Artemis from the XMB and selected your codes
      • Once you have selected your codes Press X on Start in the main menu
      • You should hear a single beep (if you hear three MAMBA failed to install)
      • From here you can launch the game or launch homebrew to mount the game
      • When the game has launched, a notification will appear telling you to press Start to attach
      • Once you are ready to use your codes in the game, open the in game XMB by pressing the PS button
      • HOLD Start until Artemis says that it has attached
      • At this point any codes chosen to constant write will be constantly writing
      • For any single write codes you wish to write again, just enter the in game XMB again and hold Start
      • If you wish the detatch (and therefore stop constant writing), enter the in game XMB and HOLD Select

      Creating cheat lists (.ncl)

      • NetCheat List Files are built into NetCheat PS3
      • Download and run NetCheatPS3
      • In the codes tab create a new code and name it as you wish
      • Within the textbox enter any NetCheat PS3 codes (or use the Codelist by clicking the square on the bottom left)
      • Finally click Save All and specify a save location for the new .ncl

      Creating advanced cheat lists (.ncl)

      New in Artemis PS3 is the ability to add option tags.
      These tags enable you to specify options for a code that has multiple effects for one address.
      Using tags instead of multiple codes condenses the overall cheats list.
      The format for an option tag is very specific and must be used exactly as described.
      A tag begin with brackets that surround an ID ([Z]).
      This ID must be a collection of capital Z's.
      For instance, a tag such as [ZZZZ] has an ID of ZZZZ. [zz] is not a valid ID.
      Following the opening tag are the elements, or options.
      Each element begins with the value that the option represents, an equal sign (=), and the name of the option.
      Elements are separated by semicolons (;).
      So right now an option tag would look something like this: [ZZ]0010=This is 0x10;0020=This is 0x20
      But now we have to end the tag. To end an option tag you simply add a forward slash (/) in front of the ID and surround that with brackets ([/Z]).
      Finally to actually implement this as a value for a code, simply put the ID of the tag anywhere in the code you'd like.
      For instance, in Jak 1 there are 4 different types of eco states you can be in. Red, blue, green, and yellow.
      Each uses the same line. So the appropriate code using option tags would be:
      0 201FEE08 ZZ
      0 201FEE18 FFFFFF7F
      0 201FEE0C 00000040

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Discussion in 'PS3 Homebrew' started by bucanero, Jan 5, 2020.

    1. bucanero
      Quick note: the installer .pkg doesn't include any .ncl cheat file, so I recommend to "Update Local Cheats" from the options menu on the first run. (or just use the online db ;) )
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      Good stuff..
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    3. joe musashi
      joe musashi
      thanks so much
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    4. liquidgykill
      this are good news, thanks.
      Does thi new version works on the latest hen on a super slim?
    5. bucanero
      yes, it works on HEN too. :)
    6. Cypher_CG89
      Quick question... any particular reason you didn't add the ncl file's to the pkg...?
    7. bucanero
      no particular reason, besides the fact that I wanted to keep the installer as smaller as possible, and to avoid the slow .pkg installation due to the ton of small .ncl files in the package.

      If you need, just download and unzip it on the /USERLIST/ folder. (it's actually what the "update local cheats" option is doing :D )

      btw, I can create another Full offline .pkg installer including the .ncl files if needed.
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    8. Cypher_CG89
      I was just curious is all, I don't need them myself as I have them all on my PC and only transfer of the ncl files for the game's I have so I am not scrolling through a ton of them to find what I need lol.


      That could be a good added extra for people, Just so you know a lot of these are not upto date, and also are untested, and to update them is a lot of work lol.... I have come across plenty that do not work at all not matter what you do...
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    9. ramzidz15
      Good Work
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    10. ramzidz15
      I don't know how to treat it on HEN 4.85
    11. Cypher_CG89
      How do you mean "treat it"...? You mean use it..?
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    12. ramzidz15
      I mean to use it
      For example on a game Far Cry® 3_BLES01138
    13. bucanero
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    14. joe musashi
      joe musashi
      when i do local update and update from internet my ps3 got lag mine is overflw 4.85
    15. ramzidz15
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    16. bucanero
      yes, scrolling around Artemis was a bit annoying when you had a long list, so I added the L1 and R1 triggers to skip 25 items at once. (L1 = backwards, R1 forward). Try it next time if you like. :)

      yes, I can imagine that there are many untested codes and you might get unexpected results when trying them. It's a bit of luck I guess...

      btw, if by any chance you have more up-to-date .ncl files, please share them and I'll update the online db. (or just fork and submit a pull request with the new files on Github)
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    17. bucanero
      lag? you mean the app gets stuck?
      is your PS3 connected to the internet? can you browse to from the web browser for example? If your PS3 can't connect or browse that URL, then the online features won't work.

      If you need, just download and unzip it on the /USERLIST/ folder.
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    18. Cypher_CG89
      First off you will ned the ncl file for this version of FarCry 3.

      Then you would do what you normally do on HEN, enable it,

      Mount FarCry 3 like you normaly would but don't launch it, then open Artemis,

      go to Cheats, find the cheats for your version of the game, select which ones you want to use> now you can either have them write once or constant by pressing square on the cheats>

      Also having too many cheats enabled at once can crash the game. I normally have them on constant.

      I normally have them on constant, now go back to the main menu and select start game, when you exit your ps3 should beep.

      Now play the game you have mounted, you will get a pop up in the top right of the screen saying Artemis - Press Start to mount> DO NOT DO THAT YET, you have a small chance of crashing the game when the PS3 is under load booting the game.

      Wait until you have loaded the game and are in gameplay then press the PS button on your controller and wait for the in-game XMB to fully load then press and hold Start until you see another pop-up saying Artimus Attched and wrote.

      Now you should be good to go, if you want to disbale the cheats then do the same but hold SELECT until you see another pop-up.

      Now Artemis is greatly affected by how much RAM is left on your PS3, if you have a ton of other plugins running on your PS3 it can crash the PS3, I would say only have webMAN running on your PS3 when uisng this on HEN or CFW.

      Also when attching the cheats never do it when the PS3 is under load > booting the game, loading or saving (is inculdes auto save functions), during cut scenes etc as the PS3 is using alot of RAM to do this and you can crash the game and/or your PS3. Attach the cheats during gameplay....

      If your need the NCL for FarCry 3 I have attached it to this post, it goes in the USRLIST folder of Artimus, this ncl is the only for this game and is for v1.0 of the game meaning play the game with NO game updates installed for it or they may not work as offsets get updated and such.

      Pressing right and left on the D-PAD already did this :-p > Right = skip forwards, Left = skip backwards....

      Yep, it's a crap shoot with them > Most of the COD ones work, and COD [email protected] there is only an NCL for the US version BUT the ncl works on the BLES version as well.

      See what I mean with it, all the ncls need going through and sorting out lol BUT that is a crap ton of work.

      At some point I will, as I say it's a lot of work to do this with ProDG on DEX as this is the best way to do it as your basically "Live Debugging" the game to find these cheats so that Artimus can edit these strings and offsets in real time while you play the game. You can do it with IDA if you have the right plugins for it.....

      Get rid of Overflow CFW, its buggy as hell and not very stable, not a good combo to use this app with, install Ferrox or REBUG Lite instead.

      Attached Files:

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    19. kadorna2
      Is this compatible with COBRA? R5 always hard locks my ps3 when trying to use any cheatcode with any game as soon as I press start on the in-game xmb

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