PS3 Artemis r5 released + unofficial 4.80 support by aldostools

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By aldostools on Jul 24, 2016 at 11:06 PM
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    The developer Dnawrkshp has released the fifth update to his project Artemis on July 14,.2016.


    Artemis is an Open Source Playstation 3 Hacking System created under the Project Artemis initiative ( R5 added 4.76 and 4.78 CEX and DEX support, and updated database. Also now developer aldostools added 4.80 support in unofficial build. ​

    Changes in Artermis r5
    • Added support for 4.76 CEX/DEX and 4.78 CEX/DEX (thanks @Ps3ItaTeam)
    • Updated code database to Bungholio's April 28th, 2016 update (thanks Bungholio)
    • Artemis packages will now be held in the releases tab of the GitHub repository.

    • Release Link (Github):

      • Install MAMBA and PS3MAPI payload (if not already installed)
      • Load artemis_ps3.sprx into VSH
      • Access codes from an online database
      • Access user codes
      • Allow for users to enter their own codes from Artemis
      • Sorts codes and games alphabetically

      1. Launch Artemis from the XMB and selected your codes
      2. Once you have selected your codes Press :but x: on Start in the main menu
      3. You should hear a single beep (if you hear three MAMBA failed to install)
      4. From here you can launch the game or launch homebrew to mount the game
      5. When the game has launched, a notification will appear telling you to press :but start: to attach
      6. Once you are ready to use your codes in the game, open the in game XMB by pressing the :psbutton: button
      7. HOLD :but start: until Artemis says that it has attached
      8. At this point any codes chosen to constant write will be constantly writing
      9. For any single write codes you wish to write again, just enter the in game XMB again and hold :but start:
      10. If you wish the detatch (and therefore stop constant writing), enter the in game XMB and HOLD :but select:

      • Choose between installing the .ncl file on a flash drive or in the Artemis installation directory
      • For the flash drive make a new folder on the root called USERLIST
      • Inside the folder place any .ncl files inside it
      • Insert the usb drive into the right usb slot of your PS3 and launch Artemis PS3
      • For the installation directory method launch an FTP server on your PS3 (multiman)
      • Navigate to /dev_hdd0/game/ARTPS3001/USRDIR/USERLIST/
      • Place any .ncl files inside the folder and launch Artemis PS3

    • Creating cheat lists (.ncl)
      *NetCheat List Files are built into NetCheat PS3
      *Download and run [NetCheatPS3](
      *In the codes tab create a new code and name it as you wish
      *Within the textbox enter any NetCheat PS3 codes (or use the Codelist by clicking the square on the bottom left)
      *Finally click Save All and specify a save location for the new .ncl

      Creating advanced cheat lists (.ncl)
      New in Artemis PS3 is the ability to add option tags.
      These tags enable you to specify options for a code that has multiple effects for one address.
      Using tags instead of multiple codes condenses the overall cheats list.
      The format for an option tag is very specific and must be used exactly as described.
      A tag begin with brackets that surround an ID ([Z]).
      This ID must be a collection of capital Z's.
      For instance, a tag such as [ZZZZ] has an ID of ZZZZ. [zz] is not a valid ID.
      Following the opening tag are the elements, or options.
      Each element begins with the value that the option represents, an equal sign (=), and the name of the option.
      Elements are separated by semicolons (;).
      So right now an option tag would look something like this: [ZZ]0010=This is 0x10;0020=This is 0x20
      But now we have to end the tag. To end an option tag you simply add a forward slash (/) in front of the ID and surround that with brackets ([/Z]).
      Finally to actually implement this as a value for a code, simply put the ID of the tag anywhere in the code you'd like.
      For instance, in Jak 1 there are 4 different types of eco states you can be in. Red, blue, green, and yellow.
      Each uses the same line. So the appropriate code using option tags would be:
      0 201FEE08 ZZ
      0 201FEE18 FFFFFF7F
      0 201FEE0C 00000040

    • Lazy Bastard - Project Founder
      Berion - GUI Graphic Designer
      Dnawrkshp - Creator of ArtemisPS3-GUI and ArtemisPS3-PRX
      NzV - PS3MAPI (on which Artemis is dependant upon)
      PS2Dragon - Artemis Logo
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by aldostools, Jul 24, 2016.

    1. haxxxen
      hmm, what is the point to this post? i do not steal and take the fame.
      i have given him credits and i also have asked him for permission to make trainers from his base and post it. i also have left his name in plugins, cause i have much respect to him.

      i just have made it universal, so it will work with any game. his base is working with pointers and isn't working for all games.

      i enjoy making those plugins, which is much fun to me. this is why i have made this thread. besides, i try to improve the base code, cause there can be a few issues.
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    2. bguerville
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    3. pp53
      hmm, what's the point to this post? Do not be afraid, it will be removed Artemis. After all, you can play this game, as well as enable or disable the function of a trainer, which is much more convenient than Artemis. Why do so immediately to all the major problems I just shared that idea did dron_3. And it deserves to be.
      PS Sorry for my English all the Google translator
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    4. kozarovv
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    5. pp53
      sorry I did not know that the topic is already a trainer
      just wanted to share a good thing
      RUS: извиняюсь не знал что тема с трейнерами уже есть
      хотел просто поделится хорошей вещью
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    6. haxxxen
      thanks for your reply. i just thought it was because of stealing sth, nothing else. i could have posted his video also on my thread, but i wanted to show a game i have made the plugin myself working.

      and yes, it is superior to artemis itself, but since those type6 codes also work fine with artemis now, there is only the fact, that you cannot disable cheats on artemis, the only disadvantage. it isn't as unstable as it was with the first versions and i haven't encountered problems with artemis lately. i already have games with it played through.

      btw, working with these plugins has given me the idea to fix that pointer constant write problem.
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    7. djcoolhey
      What is the Artemis background song? Thanks.
    8. aldostools
      "Dear Beloved" by Yoko Shimomura from Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack 2002 (Track 01 Disc1)
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    9. DarkPowerX
      Hello. I'm using latest artemis on rebug 4.82.2 with cobra enabled. Also i have webman mod installed. The probem is that when i load some cheat the ps3 reboot and ask me to connect controller usb and press ps button.
      Is it because im not on 4.80 cfw?
    10. Cypher_CG89
      No it will work on the latest REBUG. I use it on 4.82.2 REX and D-REX. I have had this before, I removed Artimus then re-installed my firmware 2 times in a row then re-installed artimus.

      The best thing to do with this app is not to attach the cheats till in game play, Attaching in menus and as the game loads can cause the games to crash.

      Also you should check out the GitHub repo for this and get the latest cheats. Though there are some that are un tested and some cheats that just will not work no matter what you do.
    11. kadorna2
      Works fine for me on rebug 4.82.2
    12. Cypher_CG89
      It works fine for me as well, just had the issue before where it causes the PS3 not to run correctly. This issue has more to do with the firmware than Artemis itself. Just I have experimented greatly with it and found a few things with when you attach the ncl cheat files to the game, mainly games with heavy loads on the PS3 memory that will cause the game to crash. This is why I tell people that the best time to attach the cheats is in game and not at any time when the PS3 is under load or it might crash the game. And also certain cheats that are not tested and some that don't work can also crash the game.

      But on the whole it works perfectly for me.
    13. DarkPowerX
      If i save game with cheats turned on is it going to save cheats also or i will have to load artemis everytime i start the game.
    14. Cypher_CG89
      Certain effects will be saved, such as money and inventory stuff but if they are unlimited cheats then the objects will go down as use them unless you re-enabled the cheats, but for unlimited things, health and others yes you will have to enable the cheats again, think of it as a temporary patch to the game that has to be attached to the game each time.
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    15. Monty1988
      Is there something I am going wrong? I have read all over the place and can't find any info about it. Basically for FFX HD Remaster I try to use cheats and I get them attached but it freezes them game when the cheat attaches.
    16. Cypher_CG89
      When are you trying to attach the cheats to the game? In menu? in game? during when the game my be loading or saving?
    17. Monty1988
      Right next to a save point in game. I basically waited till the hdd light stopped flashing then pressed the home button and then start after icons load. I am on the 4.84 cfw cobra version by bobbydowngrades and I uninstalled webmanmod since I heard it interferes with it.
    18. Cypher_CG89
      I am not to sure if the FW would have an effect on it as it patches game offsets for the cheats to work. What does have an effect is the versions of the cheats and the game update version the cheats are for, some of them will not work on the latest game update versions.

      For example I wanted to mess about with one of the cod games with it, cannot remember witch one, but the version for the cheats was lower than the latest one I had installed. I had to remove the updates and install them again only up to the version of the cheats for artemus. Plus there are alternate versions of the cheats as well, and not all of them have been tested so some may simply not work, crash the game, crash the console as they would be patching the wrong offsets in the wrong way.

      If you read the posts I have put on this thread about this it should help:

      Also this does work with webMAN as you will see from what I have put.
    19. Monty1988
      I believe there is no later version of FFX hd remaster. And I am no sure where I need to look to find the exact version I have. Is there a pkg with all the latest ncls attached? I only found old versions from 2015.
    20. Cypher_CG89
      You can find them here:

      2017 was the last time the ncl cheats was updated.

      For what game version you have installed go to the game data option on the XMB in the games column. find the data for the game, press triangle to bring up the side menu then select information and it will say in the info that is brought up "version". This must match the version stated in artimus. Some games you can use the cheats on different version and other's you can use the cheats from from different game regions.

      It all depends on the locations of the offsets for the game, whether they are the same from update to update, region to region. And whether they have been patched in the game updates.

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