PS3 Artemis r5 released + unofficial 4.80 support by aldostools

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By aldostools on Jul 24, 2016 at 11:06 PM
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    The developer Dnawrkshp has released the fifth update to his project Artemis on July 14,.2016.


    Artemis is an Open Source Playstation 3 Hacking System created under the Project Artemis initiative ( R5 added 4.76 and 4.78 CEX and DEX support, and updated database. Also now developer aldostools added 4.80 support in unofficial build. ​

    Changes in Artermis r5
    • Added support for 4.76 CEX/DEX and 4.78 CEX/DEX (thanks @Ps3ItaTeam)
    • Updated code database to Bungholio's April 28th, 2016 update (thanks Bungholio)
    • Artemis packages will now be held in the releases tab of the GitHub repository.

    • Release Link (Github):

      • Install MAMBA and PS3MAPI payload (if not already installed)
      • Load artemis_ps3.sprx into VSH
      • Access codes from an online database
      • Access user codes
      • Allow for users to enter their own codes from Artemis
      • Sorts codes and games alphabetically

      1. Launch Artemis from the XMB and selected your codes
      2. Once you have selected your codes Press :but x: on Start in the main menu
      3. You should hear a single beep (if you hear three MAMBA failed to install)
      4. From here you can launch the game or launch homebrew to mount the game
      5. When the game has launched, a notification will appear telling you to press :but start: to attach
      6. Once you are ready to use your codes in the game, open the in game XMB by pressing the :psbutton: button
      7. HOLD :but start: until Artemis says that it has attached
      8. At this point any codes chosen to constant write will be constantly writing
      9. For any single write codes you wish to write again, just enter the in game XMB again and hold :but start:
      10. If you wish the detatch (and therefore stop constant writing), enter the in game XMB and HOLD :but select:

      • Choose between installing the .ncl file on a flash drive or in the Artemis installation directory
      • For the flash drive make a new folder on the root called USERLIST
      • Inside the folder place any .ncl files inside it
      • Insert the usb drive into the right usb slot of your PS3 and launch Artemis PS3
      • For the installation directory method launch an FTP server on your PS3 (multiman)
      • Navigate to /dev_hdd0/game/ARTPS3001/USRDIR/USERLIST/
      • Place any .ncl files inside the folder and launch Artemis PS3

    • Creating cheat lists (.ncl)
      *NetCheat List Files are built into NetCheat PS3
      *Download and run [NetCheatPS3](
      *In the codes tab create a new code and name it as you wish
      *Within the textbox enter any NetCheat PS3 codes (or use the Codelist by clicking the square on the bottom left)
      *Finally click Save All and specify a save location for the new .ncl

      Creating advanced cheat lists (.ncl)
      New in Artemis PS3 is the ability to add option tags.
      These tags enable you to specify options for a code that has multiple effects for one address.
      Using tags instead of multiple codes condenses the overall cheats list.
      The format for an option tag is very specific and must be used exactly as described.
      A tag begin with brackets that surround an ID ([Z]).
      This ID must be a collection of capital Z's.
      For instance, a tag such as [ZZZZ] has an ID of ZZZZ. [zz] is not a valid ID.
      Following the opening tag are the elements, or options.
      Each element begins with the value that the option represents, an equal sign (=), and the name of the option.
      Elements are separated by semicolons (;).
      So right now an option tag would look something like this: [ZZ]0010=This is 0x10;0020=This is 0x20
      But now we have to end the tag. To end an option tag you simply add a forward slash (/) in front of the ID and surround that with brackets ([/Z]).
      Finally to actually implement this as a value for a code, simply put the ID of the tag anywhere in the code you'd like.
      For instance, in Jak 1 there are 4 different types of eco states you can be in. Red, blue, green, and yellow.
      Each uses the same line. So the appropriate code using option tags would be:
      0 201FEE08 ZZ
      0 201FEE18 FFFFFF7F
      0 201FEE0C 00000040

    • Lazy Bastard - Project Founder
      Berion - GUI Graphic Designer
      Dnawrkshp - Creator of ArtemisPS3-GUI and ArtemisPS3-PRX
      NzV - PS3MAPI (on which Artemis is dependant upon)
      PS2Dragon - Artemis Logo
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by aldostools, Jul 24, 2016.

    1. Monty1988
      It is version 1 and it is the us version. NPUB31247 is what the folder says for the game but the artemis I think says something else.
    2. Lion_4K
      Good sir, could you please help me?
      I'm facing the following issue: Artemis is soft locking the console, and I need to force power it off.


      I'm on superslim with HFW 4.84, HEN, I installed the Artemis for 4.8 and ran it, it worked, I chosen some cheats for GoW3, ran the game with cheats, enjoyed some minutes of gameplay, then I went back to Artemis to choose different cheats (since I only tried one to check if it was working and all) then I started the game, played for hours, then I decided to take a break, hours later I decided to play more and whenever I try to launch artemAr the console soft locks.
      Idk what could possibly had happened.
      If you could please help me here I would be very grateful.
    3. Colin Tudor
      Colin Tudor
      Trying to install it on a 4.82 jail broken rebut ps3. Cobra is enabled. I’m trying to install the pkg file but my ps3 just restarts. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance guys, any help and advice with this will be very much appreciated
    4. Lion_4K
      Mr @aldostools could you please verify Artemis and or Webman for incompatibilities amongst them under the usage of HEN 2.0?

      I was having that problem until I decided to uninstall webman and then arteArt worked flawlessly ever after, however as you know webman is also really useful so I'd rate to have to choose.

      I mean, only if you have time to spare and take a look whenever you can.

      Thanks again!!
    5. haxxxen
      those using HEN, I have modded sman 1.07 and added artemis to it (named artsMAN :D), to decrease ram usage when loading several custom plugins. feel free to test if it works for you on HEN. probably not, since it is written for cobra only. guess I have to modify it when using hen

      please note though, this is my personal version of artsMAN, so you have to bear with it and I won't make any different version. this has also unused codetypes removed and no net support! it also has a different resmod folder instead of res. oh, and this will make no popup when loaded, but beep twice. I am too lazy to start from scratch, sorry...

      maybe I will upload the source to my github at some point, dunno

      button combos:
      R2 show small sys info and temps (it will show boot mode only useful for my own ps3)
      R1+START load artemis
      R1+∆ load ps3mapi server (when connecting with tools)
      SELECT+START display button combos (german)
      L1+R1 sman gui

      ingame using artemis (no ingame xmb):
      you will get a popup saying: "ArtemisPS3 is ready" in german
      L3+R3 attach and write codes. it will make a trophy sound no popup
      SELECT+START exit artemis (only ingame and it will beep twice)

      this is version 1.07, since it is the last version without those predefined html pages. though, I have updated this version and included the stuff from 1.12, so it is a hybrid of 1.07 and 1.12 ;)

      hm, now I think of it, the normal gui will load automatically the plugin, so better to not use it and modify the art.txt in "/dev_hdd0/tmp folder manually

      it shud look like this:
      Cheat 1 <- only description, no other text
      1 <- 0 for 1time 1 for constant
      Cheat 2
      I have resigned it now and also corrected some, have forgotten another patch, so please re-download, whoever has already loaded it. sorry, but I cannot test myself atm (maybe you @aldostools ?)

      Attached Files:

      Last edited: May 9, 2019
    6. gustavosrc001
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    7. Lion_4K
      Mr @aldostools since you were the last known person to update the Artemis, could you please please please add a feature (when you have some free time)?
      The feature is to save the last played game and cheats selected.
      I know Artemis already saves stuff because it saved the music options so I know it already have the saving portion done, all is needed is to include saving of the last played game and it's cheats.

      Thank you very much in advance!!!
    8. KH4L33D
      I tried testing it and it works when enabling Hen it beep twice and pop ups sman in German language but after that the ps3 shows Green+Yellow+Red light flashing and when lauching anything it gives black screen and you have to force power off.

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    9. atreyu187

      Weird it worked for me
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    10. Colin Tudor
      Colin Tudor
      I've had Artemis working on 4.84 cex on Resistance fall of man ,(USA version) and it worked ok, cheats worked fine. However, when I quit the game, my ps3 crashed. Had to switch off my keeping the power button pressed for a while but then when i switched back on, i had to rebuild the database. Is this a CFW issue? I can downgrade, no problem but I'm wondering is there a work around. Bit of a ball ache having to rebuild the database every time as it takes time, I want to just be able to quit the game. Any help and advise with this will be very much appreciated, thanks in advance
    11. Jinxthejiv
      how would i got about installing or using this? sorry for the new question
    12. haxxxen
      this is the last time I will answer to any artemis problems, but there was a reason why I have made modified version of artemis. take it or leave it and don't cry like a baby

      btw, someone told me, that dnawrkshp has planned to make a complete new version of artemis and I should get in contact with him, but so far I had no time doing so. maybe now with hen is the time to get new things started...

      if you mean this "artsMAN" version, just put the plugin on hdd0 anywhere you want and add the path to it on plugins.txt. dunno what you are using cobra or hen, but cobra would be "boot_plugins.txt" and hen I think "boot_plugins_nocobra.txt"
      Last edited: May 16, 2019
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    13. SedRick
      Links are down...
    14. Legendarysnake
      Unofficial update by aldostools with support for 4.80 (built on June 21, 2016 and updated today with Bungholio's USERLIST from official r5): are offline on mediafire
    15. Lion_4K
      Is it possible to use Artemis to cheat on PS1 classics from the store?
    16. Hendrix
      Not yet new artemis version 4.85 in how to
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    17. Lion_4K
      Sorry, new version where?
    18. Hendrix
      If already new version 4.85

      Must all for cfw/ofw
      Create new artemis r6 which who?
    19. Louay
      Bro try to write your post properly so all who see this page understand you know one,no one know when developer release new version for new firmware 4.85
    20. Hendrix
      Rebug 4.85 no can use artemis r5 in how to .. way where

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