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By STLcardsWS on Apr 12, 2020 at 5:18 PM
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    A new update for Artemis (r6.1) has been been released by the developer @bucanero that included some handy new enchantments for the Cheat System for both PS3 CFW user's and PS3HEN user's ,The app on startup will now check for a new update and process the update automatically, A new plugin selection system has been added, the reason for the implementation is that different version of the plugin run better depending on your console's exploration path (CFW or PS3HEN). For instances on PS3HEN the r5 plugin has performed much better then the later r6 plugin that is suggested for CFW user's. So the app gives you the ability to choose easily which plugin you would like to use. Several other new enchantments make their way in this latest update from a developer (seen the release notes below) that has been impressing lately with some of his PS3 projects like PS3 Apollo Save Tool and PKGi


    • Notes: in this version you'll find a plugin selector in the Options menu. I have included both r5 original plugin (by Dnawrkshp) and r6 (by haxxxen). As mentioned in this thread, at least on my tests the original r5 plugin works better with HEN (allowing saving games and trophies) so I added it back as an option. (r6 plugin version is the default, suggested for CFW users)​

      Latest Changelog:
      • Local Cheat DB installer on first run
      • New version check and auto-update
      • New "Clean local cache" option
      • New plugin selector option
      • New loading screen transitions
      • Shortcut to Main screen from Cheats screen by pressing START

      • Improved game list parsing (detect Title-IDs and versions)

    Download: ArtemisPS3 r6.1

    Source (of info) :
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Discussion in 'PS3 Homebrew' started by STLcardsWS, Apr 12, 2020.

    1. bucanero
      Kudos to Dnawrkshp for his amazing work on this application.

      I’m just tweaking it a bit to keep it shining ;)
    2. ashura
      It is a good app bucanero thanks a lot jeje at this moment also i am converting my ps3 folder games into isos in order to me to be able to play them on my NTFS drive i hope that everything goes Fine
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    3. ashura
      Hello bucanero i hope that you are doing great jeje well unfortanely on my PS3 the NTFS does not work anymore so i came back yo a fat32 games and then i managed to do a test with irisman that this one has a funcionality that allows to setup a manual adjustment that improves the air flow thru ps3 console still webman does have this same feature improved and i esa wondering maybe is there a chance to setup artemis by mamba instead of using cobra to operate? Thanks and i will wait for your sonnest answer
    4. Fernando Lencina Vélez
      Fernando Lencina Vélez
      @bucanero I have my ps3 with cfw 4.86 Rebug and Artemis 6.1 application installed. When I put cheats, which work, I play a few minutes and then I get a black screen that asks me to connect the dualshock through a cable. Once this is done, the system asks me to press the PS button to restart, which I do. I would like to know if it is possible to solve this and how, to play with cheats without failures
    5. bucanero
      you could try loading the artemis.sprx plugin on boot, adding it to the boot_plugins.txt file. I never tried that, so I have no idea if you'll get better results...
      I use HEN with the r5 plugin (with webman mod loaded) and it works fine, but I guess each environment is different.

      have you tried switching the plugin version? (r5 or r6)
      your problem seems related to the system running out of memory. If you're running webman, a recommended workaround is to unload webman before using cheats and loading Artemis.

      Also, be sure to check this thread, there's a lot of tips and information on how to properly set up Artemis:
    6. ashura
      thank you bucanero i am on cfw still i tried both plugins, still it does not work jeje, i will try to see if there is a chance that i can try to modify the boot plugings, thanks in advance
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    7. ashura
      Hello bucanero i give it a try by using the r5 plugin and yess it worked for me jeje it is useful to use it on this way thanks bucanero i only use webman mod because of the settings yo handle the manual fan speed that is excellent to setup and to have my mod PS3 console cool no more than 60c goes up on my console now thank you for the plugin option bucanero best regards
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    8. bucanero
      good to know that this workaround (using boot_plugins.txt) worked for you

      thanks for reporting back :encouragement:
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    9. ashura
      Jeje thanks bucanero it goes really good now by using artemis with webman mod jehe i really appreciate this fix that you did on the app, as well i hope that on apollo will be the chance to see the game region chance on it

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