PS3 ArtemisPS3 r5 by haxxxen - 4.81 Mamba / MambaAutoloader Support Added

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By STLcardsWS on Jan 19, 2017 at 1:02 PM
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    An unofficial update to ArtemisPS3 for better 4.81 Custom Firmware Support & Fixes was recently released, the project originally ported to the PS3 by Dnawrkshp has seen other developer such as Aldostools and now haxxxen provide some unofficial support over the lifespan of the project that is a great Cheat System for PS# CFW user's in this update MAMBA users will be pleased to know 4.81 MAMBA (& MambaAutoloader) has been added to the system. Additional information about this update can be seen in the details and links provided.


    • ArtemisPS3
      An Open Source Playstation 3 Hacking System created under the Project Artemis initiative (​

      Changes to ArtemisPS3 r5 by haxxxen

      • Fixed constant write for pointer codes (type 6 codes). Pointer codes were only once written and you had to activate them everytime from ingame xmb with start button. now this is not needed anymore ;)
      • Fixed prx unload from gui and made proper detection for cobra and mamba.
      • Now you can unload artemis_ps3.sprx from artemis gui in main menu with square button, though you have to wait for the "press start to attach" popup. it will single beep if successfully unloaded, or double beep if not loaded at all. you will also get debug output
      • Changed the memory management comparing to his original source, which has improved stability. there are still cases, where games cannot handle artemis prx, but now it doesn't crash anymore, when you exit games.
      • Removed an unnecessary syscall (sys_ppu_process_yield). dunno if it also improves stability, but on my side everything works smooth now with artemis gui and prx
      • Added 4.81 mamba payload to artemis from mambaloader (mamba and mambaloader payload).

    • How To Use ArtemisPS3
      • Checkout this previous news thread by Aldostools with some additional details about usage: LINK

      • Lazy Bastard - Project Founder
      • Berion - GUI Graphic Designer
      • Dnawrkshp - Creator of ArtemisPS3-GUI and ArtemisPS3-PRX
      • NzV - PS3MAPI (on which Artemis is dependant upon)
      • PS2Dragon - Artemis Logo

    Download: via github

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 19, 2017.

    1. Spawn
      Only thing I've ever used ccapi for is to monitor the temps in some games that's a bit more demanding of the hw.

      I am a bit curious about rtm, but since I haven't really researched that much about texture mods, I never converted to Dex or fiddled with that.

      Artemis seems to cover most of the basic needs for sandbox gaming in my case, so I'm happy with that.
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    2. Reggie
      Great work, I read the posts so far and I've seen haxxxen updated this to 4.82, I had no idea Artemis has an unofficial update but came across this since I updated to CFW 4.83 and only after doing so remembered CCAPI and CCCheaterX wouldn't work.

      So here goes the question, any plans on updating this to 4.83? Artemis seems neat, I'd really like to use it, thank you for your time reading my post.
    3. Reggie
      Never mind, I gave it a go and I can say it works on FERROX COBRA 4.83, thanks haxxxen

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