Can a slow usb drive impact button response on adrenaline?

Discussion in 'PlayStation TV (Vita TV)' started by krug, Dec 26, 2018.

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    I'm using adrenaline+usbmc on a 3.65 henkaku vita tv and everything works fine, but i noticed a weird issue in adrenaline: sometimes the button press gets registered twice for no apparent reason. The games seem to run well though. I should mention i'm using a very old micro sd card in a USB adapter to play some vita, psp and ps1 games, and i noticed the reading speed is unsurprisingly poor, with cutscenes in psp and vita games stuttering and playing very slowly. I'm aware it's not an ideal solution, but it runs small ps vita games and ps1 games flawlessly, and that's what i need for now, however there's this weird button issue i can't seem to fix. I tried deleting EVERY controller plugin i had installed, but the problem still persist. At some point i ended up with only usbmc installed, just to be sure other plugins were not the culprit. I didn't know what to do, so i had this idea that it might be my wonky slow speed usb sd card the problem... But i have no way to actually tell if that's the case, does anyone know? And yes, i will buy an actual reliable thumbdrive for use with the console, but until then i would like to understand why adrenaline is acting strange, since ps1 games are 95% of what i play on this thing. Thanks in advance for your help

    ...Oh my god, i'm fucking blind. I thought i removed any controller plugins, and yet i completely forgot i had VIIMOTE installed. Apparently it fucks the controls in ps1 games, even when using the dualshock 4 and 3. So yeah, sorry about this stupid thread, my bad! I guess this could be useful for some users because i couldn't find anyone reporting this issue online, maybe the viimote plugin is not broken for every user.
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