PS3 Checkout deank's new sLaunch feature in webMAN (& webMAN MOD)

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By STLcardsWS on Feb 4, 2017 at 9:54 PM
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    Updatex1 (Feb. 6): sLaunch v0.9 has been updated to support additional display ratios, see details below .
    Original Article (Feb 5):
    Developer deank is back with another new feature for webMAN, this time around a new UI for accessing your games on the XMB, we have seen DeViL303's webMAN Luanchpad and this like that XMB mods gives you a new UI, unlike wM launchpad it does not utilize the "What's New" area's but launches a new menu to mount your games, as you can view in the pic (& video demo) included of this new User Interface dubbed sLaunch In the tabs found in this article i have added some of test build post from deank to give more insight on this features development, plus developer Aldostools has a test version of webMAN MOD that is supporting the sLaunch feature, see additional info on that tab included in this article below


    • sLaunch 0.9:

      This video is of the original POC (v0.1)

      It is now usable (still only in 1080p/1080i). It supports up to 1000 games in 100 pages.
      • :dir left:, :dir right:, :dir down:, :dir up: = to navigate,
      • :but l1: / :but r1: = Prev/Next page,
      • :but x: = Load title,
      • :but cir: = Exit to XMB.

      It is stable and shouldn't crash like the previous version. :)


      -------- Update 1 (Feb 6) --------

      The link is updated with support for 480p/576p/720p displays. Because of the biliniar downscaling the text at the bottom of the screen doesn't look very nice in 480/576 but that's the best for now.

      The memory usage is now down to 10MB and is completely rewritten.

      For best results always wait for webMAN to show a popup message that it is ready/loaded and then use the sLaunch.

      Source is also updated ( )

      webMAN is also updated to fix boot-crash when wM is set to "no-delays" (before XMB is fully loaded and it is trying to load the last title).

      Make sure that you use the LATEST webMAN+sLaunch and there should be no freezes or other issues (at least I didn't get). Tested with NTFS+NETSRV+sLaunch (fully loaded).

      p.s. Updated webMAN again... all should be ok now.

      -Post Source

    • As promised the other day:

      I hope you like it. If used, it removes the need to use system plugins for mounting games. Also there is no need for "My Games" in the Game column. sLaunch can be started from XMB by pressing a button - loads in 1 second and it is just 11KB. It is very simple to use and fast.


      -Post Source

    • It is just proof-of-concept, but if someone wishes to give it a try:


      You'll have to add slaunch.sprx to your boot_plugins.txt. It requires this new webMAN, so you'll have to use both. After you get your games refreshed at least once sLaunch will pick them up. To start sLaunch from XMB hold the "START" button.

      This is a preview version and it will only show 1 page of 10 games, although all are detected. When I'm ready with this new interface it can become part of webMAN, so there will be no need for separate plugin, but for PoC it is what it is.

      IMPORTANT: THIS TEST VERSION WORKS ONLY IN 1920x1080p/i (FullHD). Do not try it if your PS3 is set to different output.

      It can be a frontend to webMAN or webMAN MOD as long it finds "/dev_hdd0/tmp/wmtmp/slaunch.bin" which is a simple file with "NAME", "ICON", "PATH". Once you load a game it sends the request to webMAN/webMAN MOD. :)


      -Post Source

    • Setting up sLaunch on webMAN MOD v1.46.02 FULL

      1-Download wMM from the link above and upload it to /dev_hdd0/plugins/webftp_server_full.sprx

      2-Also download slaunch.sprx from

      3-Extract the zip and upload slaunch.sprx to /dev_hdd0/plugins/slaunch.sprx

      4-Download /dev_hdd0/boot_plugins.txt, edit the file and add the line: /dev_hdd0/plugins/slaunch.sprx

      The file should look like this:

      5-Upload boot_plugins.txt and restart.

      6-Refresh XML and hold down the :but start: button for near 3 seconds.

      NOTE: If you prefer, you can put the files in the root of /dev_hdd0 instead of /dev_hdd0/plugins
      But you will need to use the proper path in boot_plugins.txt

      -Post Source (2)


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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 4, 2017.

    1. zeromant
      Working flawlessly so far, only issue is that my covers are in PNG format and it doesn't show properly in slauncher

      Last edited: Feb 8, 2017
    2. deank
      I made some changes to webMAN - it will get the images and param.sfo from ISO games on ntfs drives during boot time. It means that you'll have names/covers/icon0 images for all titles once XMB appears. Copying covers for bdiso/psxiso/dvdiso is also performed if images are found named after the iso on the ntfs drive. This will make things look better for sLaunch.

      I didn't like having all the stuff in the root folder of the ntfs drive so webMAN will also check x:\PS3\ folder for PS3ISO/BDISO/etc on ntfs drives.

      Also .ntfs[PS3ISO] files are created with the necessary size of few bytes and not 64KB (providing faster access (read/write)).

      There was a bug in prepNTFS-implementation in webMAN (for .ntfs[PSXISO] files) which caused PSX BIN+CUE games on NTFS drives with audio tracks to be detected as 1 data and 0 audio tracks. It is fixed now.
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    3. ex05
      Thank you for this awesome plugin, it's almost perfect.

      some minor thing I detected:

      While selecting a game along the collection, the red bold frame of the selected game's cover cuts out part of the underneath and/or adjacent game covers leaving blank tiles. Most of my covers use this default resolution: 350x400.

      Is it possible to prevent this from happening besides lowering the cover resolution so that the frame doesn't affect the covers leaving its mark over them?

      Just a couple suggestions:

      I might be wrong, but as far as I've noticed, Irisman utilizes an auto-resize feature when the covers exceed certain dimensions so that all covers remain with the same display dimensions. Could this be implemented in the plugin?

      Would it be possible to filter games by platform?

      Grateful for all your work.
    4. Drag
      working very fine now, Thank you
    5. Drag
      Thanks for trying to help, friend !
    6. deank
      @ex05: It is designed to work with multiMAN covers or ICON0.PNG (260x300 or 320x176). There is no way at the moment to rescale the images the way it is done in regular apps (not plugins). Image resolutions should be multiple of 4 (348 or 352, but not 350).

      webMAN is updated to extract ICON0.PNG along with the SFO from ntfs ISO games when no external image is present.
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    7. Drag
      @deank, in a future update could be implemented the pkg file scanning in NTFS drive?
    8. self_slaughter
      Finally got around to testing this on my 576i TV. Definitely notice the upscale downscale chunkyness in covers / text, but still usable / readable. Excellent work. Bloody fast at loading / changing pages even with almost 300 games. :)
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    9. deank
      Added navigation/selection sounds/clicks in sLaunch.
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    10. deank
      sLaunch is updated to handle JPG covers up to 660x660 pixels. Any jpeg image exceeding width of 330 or height of 330 will be downscaled automatically by a factor of 2.

      Anyway, the sLaunch interface doesn't look good if images are over 330 pixels wide (they start to overlap), so the downscale will fix the issue. PNG downscaling is not supported.

      webMAN is also updated (about 40kb less memory used when handling http requests/mounting games).
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    11. ex05
      What a bliss! Thank you so much!

      One question: is it possible to implement the game sorting in this slaunch plugin, just like the one integrated in the last wMM? (when pressing triangle all the games are sorted by system - Ps2/Ps3/etc).

      Even if it isn't, I can't thank you enough already.


      - The downscale isn't working for me, at least, unfortunately. All the *.JPG over 260x300 size get some sort of "diagonal fuzziness".

      - I've converted all my covers to match the 260x300 size and everything works just perfect. I only notice the slight quality decrease if I display them in Irisman.

      - I've noticed the downscaled covers actually get smaller when compared to a 260x300 cover (please check attachments).

      Thank you once again!

      Attached Files:

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    12. zeromant
      I'm gonna give it a try. 99% of my covers are in .PNG format lol
    13. deank
      The downscale is x2, hence the downscaled images are smaller, unless your original cover has a resolution of ~580x600. About the distorted images - it must be the width of the image - I'll check it later.
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    14. deank
      Now, let's move forward to the next step...

      Later today I'll release the "sMAN" - which is webMAN + sLaunch in one plugin. The reason - this is what webMAN was supposed to be - the way I wanted to be since day one:

      * Use only one plugin slot
      * Use about 128KB less vsh memory (about 384KB total vsh memory)
      * Support for /dev_usb000 to /dev_usb128
      * No need for boot delays for scanning usb drives
      * No need for XML generation, "refresh xml" or other complicated tasks
      * No need for the "My Games" entry in XMB (no need for custom category_game.xml)
      * Simplified setup page, eject/unmount/rescan/grouping options available within sMAN's front-end (sLaunch)

      * Support for over 1000 games
      * FTP/WEB/NTFS/NETISO support by the sMAN's back-end (webMAN)
      * Simple use in any cobra compatible CFW by adding sman.sprx to boot_plugins.txt without modifying other files
      * The front-end (menu) is not using resources when not active (opposed to slaunch.sprx)



      p.s. The features in bold will be gradually introduced for easier transition for the users who decide to switch to sMAN.
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    15. ex05
      Downloaded most covers from this site, medium size:

      I guess they all have the same dimensions: 350x408 with a few exceptions, maybe.

      Looking forward to the sMAN project.
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    16. self_slaughter
      Will the new sman still support the old (current) way of loading games, or is it basically going to be a new fork and rework ?

      slaunch may be pretty on a fancy tv, but the current way is much easier to deal with large collections of games and the integration with stock xmb is beautiful. (basically just hoping normal webman still recieves updates, lol)

      Looking forward to see what happens regardless and great to see you so actively on the scene again. :)
      Last edited: Feb 13, 2017
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    17. deank
      @ex05: sLaunch is fixed now and won't show such distorted images when downscaling.

      @self_slaughter: No, it won't support the old method because it defeats its purpose. You can always use just webMAN.

      The good thing about sMAN is that it doesn't require large amounts of memory no matter how many games you have. It can handle 2000, 3000, 5000 games even.

      sMAN is working a bit faster than sLaunch (at least it looks that way).

      From now on it will be availabe at:

      In few mins I'll add grouping of content in it, so it will be more useful.

      Note: If you decide to use sman.sprx - remove webftp_server.sprx and slaunch.sprx from your boot_plugins.txt. It is not possible to use them at the same time.
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    18. maniek6666
      Thank @Dean wonderful job .sMAN is really faster than previous versions slanch. I have one question whether Sman will be available "fan control", and languages? Thank you again for your hard work ;)
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    19. deank
      Yes, fan-control is still there, because it is "webMAN" in the background. For languages - there is nothing different to webMAN - you'll have to compile it yourself with proper gui.h.

      sman.sprx is updated - it now supports switching groups/content-type (ALL/PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP/VIDEO) - press the [SQUARE] button.

      Tomorrow or later this week I'll add some fancy stuff (to display the current group, setup page and other things).
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    20. Zwei
      Congratulations on the incredible work.

      I'm using CFW rebug 4.81.2
      Would you like to know where the boot_plugins.txt file is?
      I wanted to test then sMAN deank

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