PS3 [Coming Soon] FB Alpha Retro Loader (Light) v1.0 [Powered by PSL1GHT]

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By CaptainCPS-X on Aug 18, 2017 at 10:12 PM
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    Check it out as @CaptainCPS-X has made a return to the PS3 Homebrew Community recently and the developer has some plans and a bit of a preview of an upcoming release. A new version of his popular project FBA RL (Final Burn Alpha Retro Loader). This arcade emulator is based off the PS3 version of RetroArch/Libretro, but being CaptainCPS-X is an official contributor to the Windows FBA project and also a PS3 dev there was no better person to bring the original feel of the arcade emulators to the PS3 from windows. Now the developer is deciding to ditch the Sony SDK used to create the original version and has decided to o the pslight route for various reasons outlined in the Coming Soon Announcement you can view from CaptainCPS-X below:


    • FB Alpha Retro Loader (Light) v1.0 [Powered by PSL1GHT v2]
      FB_Alpha_Retro_Loader__Light__v1.0_6.png PIC1.PNG FB_Alpha_Retro_Loader__Light__v1.0_7.png

      What is it?
      • Well for those who don't know FB Alpha is a multi-arcade emulator just like MAME, originally released on Windows. FB Alpha Retro Loader objective is to bring the original FB Alpha easy to use interface and features to PS3. It uses a modified libretro core, and a modified retroarch build.

      RetroArch_PS3.png RetroArch_PS3_2(1).png RetroArch_PS3_1.png

    • Why do this? I can play FB Alpha on RetroArch
      • Yes, you can search for a ZIP file in your HDD / External device, etc, and hope you have the right one. But FB Alpha RL has the original FB Alpha method to handle drivers, that means, that it will scan the ROMs, get all the info from the embedded FBA database generated by my custom windows FBA build (unreleased), then filter out non-working games, get max players, year, manufacturer, etc. Having the database allows me to handle libretro core properly, and not treat it like a generic emulator.

    • Why "Light", what happened to the old FB Alpha RL v1.04 ?
      • I have the code here in my HDD, but it is C++, and I wanted to rewrite it as C, plus this time I'm using PSL1GHT, instead of PS3 SDK. I had a hard time porting a few things but its fun xD, and I can do many things I couldn't with PS3 SDK.

    • What are the current features?

      Not much right now:
      • Latest FB Alpha core (2017) (v0.2.97.42) (my build fix available at my GitHub repo)
      • In sync with MAME 0.187 romset (older or newer romset might work but could give problems)
      • FB Alpha driver information embedded database (v0.2.97.42).
      • Preview images for FB Alpha drivers.
      • Uses Tiny3D library for video.
      • Configurable (.ini)
      • Themes (background music (mp3), sound effects for ui (wav), fonts (.TTF), etc)
      • Misc features like: Temperature, time, date, HDD space display, etc
      • some other things xD

    • Why not release it?
      • I will, as soon as I get more free time to work on the final touches for the initial release. Then in the future I will keep adding features as I find time.

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Discussion in 'Homebrew Development' started by CaptainCPS-X, Aug 18, 2017.

    1. teco_rodrigues
      Sorry!It's because the wait is unbearable. :)
    2. kadorna2
    3. STLcardsWS
      He might have some more important matters to attend to, He lives in Puerto Rico and they been hit by hurricanes hard. I have not spoke to CaptainCPS-X and do not know if he or his family/friends are affected but from the news reports i have seen there is alot of damage there. Hopefully he and his loved ones are doing well.
    4. kadorna2
      Yeah, that's sad. Either way i asked this 2 weeks ago :/
    5. complexusername
      The project was cool and all but i'm more concerned about CaptainCPS-X's wellbeing. I hope he's doing okay!
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    6. Dirt Weed
      Dirt Weed
      Yes I hope he and his family are safe.
      @kadorna2 do you think that maybe he was a little busy preparing for hurricanes?
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    7. kadorna2
      Didn't think of that. I live in a place where no natural disasters happen aside from floods due poor infrastructure, so I wouldn't kniw how to act in this situation.

      I just hope he and his loved ones are ok
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    8. Zoilus
      yeah this sucks.... still no word... I think i will start to really worry if another month or two or so go by and we don't hear from him. I know these things take time but i still have faith he's alright
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    9. frozen99
      So no info about CaptainCPS-X?
    10. Rautz
      They got hit really bad, among other things no power in his area etc. but physically he is okay. I'm sure he will fill everyone in at some point.
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    11. Neal Cullum
      Neal Cullum
      Is there anymore updates on CaptainCPS-X?
    12. STLcardsWS
      We have not heard from him, hopefully @CaptainCPS-X is doing well, Puerto Rico is still has power out for over a million people still.
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    13. Ali888
      An awesome program that never came out... ):
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    14. Dr. Allo
      Dr. Allo
      Hopefully you can add support for 3x punch and 3x kick for the CPS2 games. This would be greatly appreciated!
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    15. Neal Cullum
      Neal Cullum
      I don't think this is being released anymore, been ages since there's been an update.

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